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Travel Blogs Tanzania

Travel Blogs Tanzania

Tanzania is a country located in Africa. Tanzania's capital is Dar es Salaam and the currency is the Tanzanian Shilling.

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Map of Tanzania
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Travel Blogs Tanzania

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Breakfast at Arusha Coffee Lodge

Africa » Tanzania » Arusha
17 September 2013
Arusha Coffee Lodge Menu Arusha

Breakfast at Arusha Coffee Lodge was picture perfect. We had a beautiful table booked for us signed Reservation for Elewana Skysafari looking out over the water basin of the hotel's main court area.

Denis showed us our table and explained all of our breakfast options which consisted in a wide range of cooked and cold dishes such as fruit platters, pastry baskets, custom made omelettes,...

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Arusha Coffee Lodge Stay Tanzania

Africa » Tanzania » Arusha
17 September 2013
Soaps in the bathroom Arusha

After a long flight and arrival at JRO Kilimanjaro Airport we met our transfer chauffeur at arrivals who gave us a very warm welcome and drove us to our first Elewana accomodation, the Arusha Coffee Lodge located in Arusha and about 45 minutes by car from the Airport.

The Arusha Coffee Lodge is a beautiful accomodation located in a lush and green coffee plantation where a number...

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Tanzania Safari What to Pack

Africa » Tanzania » Kilimanjaro Airport Road
28 August 2013
Flashlight,back pillow, mobile scale and toiletries Kilimanjaro Airport Road

In the middle of my preparations I thought I'd share my What to Pack for Tanzania and Zanzibar list! I came up with this list to make things a bit easier for myself and have been adding more and more to it so why not write it down so others won't have to do that:)



Passport and Visa (Single or Double entry depending on your...

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Elewana Sky Safari Tanzania

Africa » Tanzania » Arusha
15 August 2013
Elewana Sky Safari Arusha

This blog will be an introduction to my upcoming safari trip to Tanzania where me and my boyfriend will spend 8 exciting days between the most beautiful national parks of Northern Tanzania, can't wait!

Of course before heading there, two weeks from now, we had, and still have, to make some essential preparations to be completely Tanzania and Zanzibar ready;)


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Serengeti Tanzania Fly540 Zanzibar

Africa » Tanzania » Arusha
13 October 2011
Arusha Tanzania

We visited the Serengeti National Park near Arusha and had a wonderful time. We have had the opportunity to go on a multiple day safari tour with Fortes Safaris which does both car rentals as tours and they made our time in the Serengeti unforgettable and a memory that we will cherish for always.

The Serengeti National Park is the best place to go in search of Tanzania wildlife and...