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Travel Blogs United States

Travel Blogs United States

United States is a country located in North America. United States's capital is Washington, DC and the currency is the US Dollar.

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United States Travel Blogs

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Travel Blogs United States

Flag United States

Vancouver Alaska Round Trip

North America » United States » Admiralty Island
31 January 2011
Admiralty Island United States

In July of 2010 my husband and I went on an unforgettable trip to Alaska and had two entire weeks to enjoy the jewels of this gorgeous part of the world.

We flew from Victoria on Vancouver Island to Juneau, Alaska which on its own was quite an adventure but nothing could have prepared us for the showstoppers we would encounter further on the way!

We made a real...

Flag United States

Holiday in Miami and Key West

North America » United States » Miami Beach
13 January 2011
Miami Beach United States

This Christmas me and my friends decided to go on a holiday and celebrate in a more tropical place instead of freezing our hands off while looking at the fireworks back home.

Destination: Miami Beach, Florida!! What a place..I mean there's a good chance that I will be moving there in the near future because it really has an eternal summer.

We had an amazing holiday...

Flag United States

Short Holiday in New York

North America » United States » New York
13 December 2010
New York United States

Every now and then I head to New York for work and if possibile I always try to add at least a day to my time there te enjoy some sort of a short holiday in New York because it always gives me such a positive vibe.

Best period to be in New York, definately in Spring or Summer if you ask me when the first or last rays of light shine over the city and it fills with happy people. I...

Flag United States

After summer holiday in New York

North America » United States » New York
08 December 2010
New York United States

After graduating last September my fiance surprised me with the best city trip in the world, a eight day stay in New York City, and I had never been there!

A holiday of eight days in the same city might become a bore somewhere else but not in New York and I really felt like a new world had openend its doors in front of me.

Living in Europe there are big cities...

Flag United States

A Trip to New York City

North America » United States » New York
30 November 2010
New York United States

Just made a trip to New York City to visit my little sister who has moved there for work. I also try to plan a weekend getaway to New York when I can because I love it there!

This time I got to spend five days in NY having a few days off from work. As soon as the plane landed I could feel that New York City air and it was great to be back home at my second home.