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Travel Blogs Spain

Travel Blogs Spain

Spain is a country located in Europe. Spain's capital is Madrid and the currency is the Euro.

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Map of Spain
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Spain Travel Blogs

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Travel Blogs Spain

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Lloret de Mar and Barcelona

Europe » Spain » Barcelona
17 June 2011
Barcelona Spain

After a flight with Ryan Air we landed in Barcelona Girona Airport from where it were another 40 km by bus to Lloret de Mar where we would be staying for the entire week.

It was our first high school trip abroad and everybody was really excited about sharing a hotel room and of course going clubbing in Lloret de Mar.

Our teachers were really cool and we had a...

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FC Barcelona Tour 2011 Tickets

Europe » Spain » Barcelona
18 May 2011
Barcelona Spain

You can not visit Barcelona without getting a tour at the stadium of FC Barcelona, the number one attraction of this beautiful city. Of course you can hit the beach, admire the works of Gaudi but this place is just as sacred as La Sagrada Familia.

We bought tickets for a tour around the stadium which included a visit to the soccer teams museum, the FC Barcelona Museum.

It was a great tour and probably the best, we teamed up with a group of friends, and most fun one we had ever been on.

The part I really loved was entering the stadium, we all kept our silence...

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Valencia City Trip

Europe » Spain » Valencia
11 May 2011
Valencia Spain

I went on a city trip to Valencia to visit one of my best friends who moved there two years ago with his girlfriend. Since I was going to plan a holiday in Spain I decided to take in a visit to Valencia as well and chat up with my mate.

Valencia is a very nice city to visit and perfect if you're travelling along the east coast of Spain down from Barcelona to Malaga for example.

I stayed at the Valencia Pension Universal which had a top location and was very well connected by public transport.

I liked the modern architecture of the Ciutat de les Arts a cultural...

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Madrid, Tolido and Segovia

Europe » Spain » Madrid
16 April 2011

The plane ride over and back to Phoenix AZ was perfect. We flew with Delta Airlines our of JFK in New York. We arrived at 09:30 and by shuttle bus to Hostel Patricia.

Madrid is beautyful and Hostel Patricia is located 1 block from Plaza Mayor. With everything only a 3-5 minute walk we were in heaven.

April is still a cool tempature only a 20 minute sprinkle...

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Cultural Trip to Granada

Europe » Spain » Granada
09 December 2010
Granada Spain

I've on a cultural trip to Granada where we stayed a week in the heart of Granada's oldest quarter, Albayzin. I travelled to Granada with my classmates as the trip was part of field trip.

We stayed at the White Nest Hostel which was so nice and colourful plus the location couldn't be better for local sightseeing. The hostel wasn't far to bus and train services either.

In total we stayed 7 days at the White Nest Hostel and had a great time. Albayzin is known for its narrow streets, pittoresque houses and of course the Alhambra Palace which reminds us of the Moorish, the historic...