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Travel Blogs Spain

Travel Blogs Spain

Spain is a country located in Europe. Spain's capital is Madrid and the currency is the Euro.

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Map of Spain
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Travel Blogs Spain

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Barcelona City Trip

Europe » Spain » Barcelona
30 November 2010
Barcelona Spain

Barcelona is a beautiful city so everyone was really excited when our mentor revealed the travel destination we would be heading to for our annual field trip.

Last year we went to Prague which was also very nice but being November we all prefered a more exotic travel destination so Spain was perfect!

We had great weather in Barcelona and for the time of year it was still pretty warm.

Of course we had to take our advantage and spend some time on the beach but we also did a lot of sightseeing in the center.

Obbligated and must see tourist attraction...

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Perfect Travel Destination Barcelona

Europe » Spain » Barcelona
19 November 2010
Barcelona Spain

While back home winter seems to have kicked in, the southern part of Europe continues to have great weather so after a very short discussion with my girlfriend we decided to head down south for a long weekend spend in sunny Barcelona.

We both had been in Barcelona before and loved it. To me Barcelona is just the perfect travel destination as it has everything a traveller could ask...

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Sightseeing in Barcelona Spain

Europe » Spain » Barcelona
02 November 2010
Barcelona Spain

Barcelona is one of the world's most visited cities and the combination of the having the beach nearby, being able to enjoy a long summer and having tons of places to go and visit explains why.

This August me and my friends flew to Barcelona for a 5 days holiday in the city and another week in Lloret de Mar.

Both places are really nice and we had a lot of fun the entire holiday. While Lloret de Mar has the beach and the relaxing vibe Barcelona is the perfect place to go sightseeing.

After a day of shopping and gazing at the street artists we headed to Park Guell...

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Trip to Madrid

Europe » Spain » Madrid
13 July 2010
Madrid Spain

Last May I went to Madrid with my boyfriend to spend some time together and experience a country we had never been before, Spain.

The period in which we went to Madrid couldn't be better as the weather in May is really nice, not too hot like in August but enough sunshine to call it a summer holiday!

Madrid is a beautiful city and great for a short trip or weekend getaway if you're travelling within Europe.

I will never forget my trip to Madrid as we had a great time there with a lot of nice things to do and see.

During the day we went to...

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Guided visit of the Poblet Monastery

Europe » Spain » Poblet Monastery
19 March 2010
Photos inside the Poblet Monastery. Poblet Monastery

Monestir de Poblet is located in the heart of Catalonia at about a hundred chilometers from Barcelona.

The Cisterian monastery is considered a UNESCO patrimony and of great importance for the county of Conca de BarberĂ  which attracts numerous tourists and visitors every year.

The ticket you have to buy to visit the monastery will cost you a few dollars and even...