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Travel Blogs Indonesia

Travel Blogs Indonesia

Indonesia is a country located in Asia. Indonesia's capital is Jakarta and the currency is the Rupiah.

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Map of Indonesia
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Travel Blogs Indonesia

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Borobudur buddhist temple

Asia » Indonesia » Borobudur
05 August 2010
Borobudur Indonesia

From Yogyakarta our Indonesia adventure on Java continued up north in direction of Borobudur, to visit the Mahayana Buddhist monument and the buddhist statues of Borobubudur which can be found in and around the large stupa's of the monument.

Borobudur is known as Indonesia's most visited tourist attraction and a longtime UNESCO favourite for its setting right in between to volcano's...

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Things to do in Yogyakarta

Asia » Indonesia » Yogyakarta
04 August 2010
Yogyakarta Indonesia

By train we travelled from Bangun to Yogyakarta, the former capital of Indonesia and now especially a city known for its fine arts like batik, wayang and theatre shows.

We all loved the train ride to Yogyakarta and especially the kids couldn't stop staring out of the train windows as the passed green rise fields and small villages.

Inside the train there were people...

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Tangkuban Perahu Volcano Bandung

Asia » Indonesia » Bandung
04 August 2010
Bandung Indonesia

From Lembang it's a short ride to Bandung, the capital city of West Java and one of the largest cities in Indonesia.

Bandung is known to draw tourists and visitors to the Tangkuban Perahu Volcano, one of the city's attractions and a very fascinating place to visit.

After reading about the volcano in our guide book we decided to go on a day trip to the Tangkuban...

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Great hotel in Lembang

Asia » Indonesia » Lembang
04 August 2010
Lembang Indonesia

From Bogor we drove east to Lembang which is located in West Java and not too far from Bandung, the capital of West Java where we headed afterwards.

In Lembang we stayed at Venity's Villa, a beautiful hotel with a large lobby area, really nice rooms and even more spectacular views of the city and the surrounding mountains.

We also found a small internet corner...

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Bogor Botanical Garden

Asia » Indonesia » Bogor
04 August 2010
Bogor Indonesia

Around this time of year in 2009 my family and I made a trip to Indonesia. We landed in Jakarta but didn't spend much time there because we had rented a villa at the HB Guesthouse in Bogor and headed there straight from the airport.

The HB Guesthouse was a true blessing after our long flight and the tranquil atmosphere really calmed us down. The nice thing about the villa was that...