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Travel Blogs France

Travel Blogs France

France is a country located in Europe. France's capital is Paris and the currency is the Euro.

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France Travel Blogs

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Travel Blogs France

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Cannes Beach Holiday

Europe » France » Cannes
31 May 2012
Cannes France

Cannes is the perfect place to enjoy a classy beach holiday. I have been working on a cruise ship docked in Cannes and I had an incredible opportunity to explore the beautiful waters of Cannes and meet so many interesting people.

I would also advise tourists to consider organizing boat trips or a cruise to explore the waters and islands surrounding the glamourous city of Cannes because...

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Faubourg 216-224 Review: Worst Hotel!

Europe » France » Paris
09 February 2012
Paris France

I would like to take this opportunity to warn other travellers about the viscious online campaign that the Faubourg 216-224 Hotel in Paris is holding through several booking sites.

The pictures on whatever booking site are completely misleading and I even heard that they refer to a different hotel building next to the section I was staying at! Meaning that the name Faubourg 216-224 refers to two buildings and one at least is total rubbish but they keep promoting the rooms with the nice pictures of the other building which btw I have not seen..

There was not even a reception and...

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October Trip to Paris

Europe » France » Paris
03 November 2011
Paris France

Last month I went on a three day shopping spree to Paris by train from Amsterdam to Gare du Nord. I love Paris and besides its many great sites like the Louvre or Place de la Sorbonne which are always nice I also enjoy going to Paris to shop.

There are many great boutiques all over Paris but to me nothing can beat La Fayette Gallerie where you can find everything you need and so...

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Paris Scooter Tours

Europe » France » Paris
21 October 2011
Paris France

The best way to explore Paris is by scooter or vespa and browsing excellent tourist information sites like Tripadvisor you will definately come accross Left Bank Scooters which is the perfect company to organize your Paris sightseeing trip with!

Their website is very clear and will offer you the possibility to book your tour online so no hassle with trying to contact them. Online...

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Shopping in Paris

Europe » France » Paris
17 October 2011
Paris France

You can't visit Paris and not be amazed by the presence of the many designer boutiques and the elegance of the parisian people. One place to visit if you are in for a serious shopping spree would be Avenue Montaigne near the beautiful Champs Elysees.

Here you will be able to find all the important haute couture maisons from Gucci, Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada and Miu Miu to...