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Chris Brown In Mombasa Kenya

October 10th, 2016

American R&B and hip hop singer in Kenya

The title of the show was famous as Mombasa #mombasarocks, its a show which was planned and organized for sometime especially considering that the famous Chris Brown was going to the main artiste and singer, there were other African Artiste like Wizkid, Vanessa, Alikiba, Nazizi and others. But the main spotlight was Chris Brown in Kenya. These was the main source of selling the tickets. Who wouldn't want to be left behind, personally these was going to be my first time seeing the famous R&B singer and i wasn't going to let these chance pass, even if it meant i wasn't going to shake hands with the singer, but at least vi was attending his show while in my country. Mombasa is famous for its luxury and it wasn't a surprise that the show was being hosted there, most of the fans flew or traveled from other cities all over Kenya to the coastal region to attend to these historic event.

Mombasa Rocks

Mombasa is a bed rock to fun, relaxation in the beach and a perfect place for beach holiday to our visiting tourists. On Saturday and last weekend, Mombasa was full of tourists all right, but these time it was domestic tourists, real Kenyans . It was a very good show and turn out for our own fellow Kenyans to come together to the Chris Brown Show titles #mombasarocks and at the same time promote local tourism in Mombasa over the weekend. Thousand turned out for these show which started at 2pm -2am, the turn of event was great, i got my ticket two weeks earlier and was totally prepared for last weekend to dance and listen to the R&B singer.

Tickets for Chris Brown show

Like normal shows where we always and are used to parting with $30 - $50 US Dollars, these round it was quite of an investment to most Kenyans, Not everybody can part with $100 -$200 dollars, which was the cost of each tickets to the show. $100 for normal tickets and $200 for VIP tickets. But if you come and see it on the other perspective, these is a musician coming all the way from America to perform in Africa, there are a lot of expenses involved that the show promoters had to take care of, like his ticket from America, accommodation for him and his crew in Mombasa, i heard that he stayed in one of the best presidential suite in Mombasa hotel amounting to $1500 per night. So if we all consider all these, the amount charged for the tickets was very reasonable and on top of that , the R&B singer also has to be paid for his performance, it wasn't a charity obviously. According to the sources i heard, the artiste was being paid $10,000 equivalent to 1,000,000 Kenyan shillings per hour. And since i attended the show, the singer performed for 90 minutes only, so am sure you can do the maths my fellow mathematicians.

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Chris Brown In Mombasa Kenya
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