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North America » United States » Cripple Creek
10 August 2010
Cripple Creek United States Cripple Creek United States North America

From Silverton in the south of Colorado we drove north to Hartsel where we made a quick stop to look around and visit some local sites before heading back and continue our road to Cripple Creek.

We drove through the Rainbow Valley to get to Cripple Creek, a small mining town and former gold mining camp southwest of Colorado Springs.

We visited an old mine and went...

North America » United States » Montrose
10 August 2010
Montrose United States Montrose United States North America

A few km east of Montrose we travelled to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park which south rim is absolutely stunning and from your car you'll have a great view of the canyon.

By camper the road can be tracky but speeding limits are really low, around 25, so you will be able to take your time.

Inside the Black Canyon of the Gunnison Park we went to see...

North America » United States » Silverton
10 August 2010
Silverton United States Silverton United States North America

From Cortez we drove east to Durango and from there we headed north in direction of Silverton along the Million Dollar Highway into the San Juan National Forest.

Silverton located in the San Juan County, Colorado and is a former mining camp that today is visited mainly by tourists but once was part of a flourishing mining industry.

We learned about the history...

North America » United States » Cortez
09 August 2010
Cortez United States Cortez United States North America

After visiting Moab we started to drive south in direction of Cortez, Colorado to the tip of our loop. From Cortez we would drive back north to Silverton and make our way to Denver with still some stops on the way.

Cortez was the place where we went to visit the Mesa Verde National Park which is known for its beautiful and genious cliff dwellings.

I had seen only...

North America » United States » Moab
09 August 2010
Moab United States Moab United States North America

Another great place to visit from Moab is the Canyonlands National Park which offers some beautiful panoramic views of the Green River which crawls through the canyons ot this national park.

If you're travelling with a camper van like we did make sure to take your time as the road up to the Canyonlands National Park can be steep and very curvy.

A special viewpoint...

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