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North America » United States » Las Vegas
05 May 2011
Las Vegas United States Las Vegas United States North America

My boyfriend, my brother, his girlfriend and myself decided to go to Las Vegas on our spring break holiday. We stayed at the MGM and even had a winning evening at the casino!

Las Vegas is definately my fave city outside LA and I love coming here with my girlfriends our my boyfriend.

From Las Vegas we rented a car to go on a road trip to the Grand Canyon which was...

North America » United States » New York
03 May 2011
New York United States New York United States North America

In December me and my best friends hopped on a plane to New York to do some serious Christmas Shopping and of course enjoy a crazy holiday in the Big Apple!

New York in December is even prettier and places like Times Square become part of this magical wonderland filled with Christmas lights and decorations.

Me and the girls stayed at the Sohotel which was really...

North America » United States » New York
27 April 2011
New York United States New York United States North America

Since a few months our daughter moved to New York City for work and this month my husband and I went to visit her in her new hometown.

We stayed for a total of 9 days and had booked a room at stylish The Stay Hotel, located in the heart of Times Square.

The hotel was really luxurious and for us the perfect place to unwind and indulge after a day of sightseeing. We had been to New York before but it was really nice to go on a trip with our daughter as our tour guide around town.

We hopped on the New York City Sightseeing Bus which was a lot of fun eventhough...

North America » United States » Philadelphia
18 April 2011
Philadelphia United States Philadelphia United States North America

Here are some pictures of my business trip to Philadelphia where I stayed for a total of four days. I flew from Washington DC to Philadelphia and had a nice three hour flight.

My stay in Philadelphia was good as well and together with a collegue of mine we stayed at Courtyard Philadelphia Hotel.

During our entire trip we had great weather so I...

North America » United States » Chicago
06 April 2011
Chicago United States Chicago United States North America

In March my wife and I made a trip to Chicago to visit my parents and took a flight from Baltimore where we live.

I recently moved to Baltimore for work so every now and then I try to get back to Chicago for at least a couple of days to visit friends and family.

We had a fine trip with American Airlines and had a very warm welcome in Chicago where some of my relatives where waiting for us at the airport.

We really enjoyed our time in Chicago and my wife always loves to come here because of its nice parks and cosmopolitan feel. In between visits and errands...

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