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Travel Blogs North America

North America » United States » New Orleans
24 February 2010
Las Vegas Strip in Nevada. New Orleans United States North America

I had been planning a trip to California for quite a while and it had really become one of my dream destinations but before heading there I would first visit some other interesting places withtin the United States.

I started my trip on the Route 66 and visited New Orleans with its passion for jazz music, amazing french quarter and beautiful boats on the Mississippi River. After...

North America » Mexico » Mexico City
24 February 2010
Teotihuacan in Mexico Mexico City Mexico North America

The month I spend in Mexico was a fantastic experience and a great opportunity to learn more about the culture of the ancient Mayan and Aztec people.

Together with two of my friends I left for Mexico City from where we would start our big adventure. Exactly a month later we returned from Cancun.

In one month we visited many archeological sights and relaxed on...

North America » Mexico » Isla Cozumel
22 February 2010
Beautiful mayan pyramids Isla Cozumel Mexico North America

The island of Cozumel itself is not very big, but it still is called Mexico's largest island. On the island you can do lots of fun stuff like snorkeling and diving as the reefs there are amazing.

You also can swim with dolphins or you can relax on the beautifull beaches. From the islands surrounding Isla Cozumel I would recommend visiting Passion Island which isn't very far away....

North America » Canada » Toronto
21 February 2010
The CN Tower of Toronto Toronto Canada North America

I would describe Toronto in Canada lik New York City with no flaws. From a cultural point of view this dynamic Canadian metropolis really has a lot to offer tourists.

There is a great cosmopolitan air to Toronto with its numerous local festivities, rich international cuisine and wide range of musical and theatrical entertainment.

Toronto is a very beautiful city but also a goof travel destination with plenty of attractions which are well connected and easy to reach. Being the cultural and commercial centre of Canada, Toronto is definitely worth a visit and especially the area...

North America » United States » New York
15 February 2010
Shopping in New York New York United States North America

I made this trip to New York in march of 2006 as a member of a diplomatic organization and during a sort of overseas internship. To get to New York we had a long flight ahead of us and leaving from Italy it took us about 13 hours to finally arrive in the United States.

First we had a flight from Catania in Sicily to Rome which took about an hour and then we had to take a flight...

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