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North America » United States » New York
22 March 2011
New York United States New York United States North America

A couple of weeks ago I went to visit my big sis in New York City. I stayed for a total of five days and we had a great time. New York is definately one of my favourite places in the world, after Miami of course:)

Everytime I travel to New York it just feels like a good time and there is just so much life in this city. I can't describe the feeling I get when I walk across Times Square,...

North America » United States » Beverly Hills
15 March 2011
Beverly Hills United States Beverly Hills United States North America

Like I said there are so many great things about choosing Santa Monica as your next travel destination, like, for starters, it's location, which is superb and forms a great base for fun day trips.

Heading into Santa Monica you will find amusement parks, beaches and great places to eat good seafood while heading in northwestern direction you will find Beverly Hills, a mecca for shopaholics...

North America » United States » Santa Monica
15 March 2011
Santa Monica United States Santa Monica United States North America

Santa Monica is one of my favourite places in California and from Los Angeles just about an hour by car so the perfect destination for a weekend getaway with your friends or loved ones.

I usually head to Santa Monica with my friends on the weekend and we always have the best time. The ride from Los Angeles to Santa Monica itself feels like a holiday, especially cruising through the...

North America » United States » Orlando
03 March 2011
Orlando United States Orlando United States North America

Every now and then I drive from Tampa to Orlando to visit my sister and her family or we see eachother somewhere in the middle:) This time we wanted to do something special with both of our families so we decided to take them for a weekend of fun to the Universal Studios.

The kids have been asking to go there since as long as I can remeber so it was time we got the deal sealed!


North America » United States » Memphis
09 February 2011
Memphis United States Memphis United States North America

This January I visited Graceland in Memphis Tennessee in honor of the 76th birthday of Elvis Presley. I had always wanted to visit but somehow never got the chance to go there untill my sister in law surprised me with a couple of tour tickets for my birthday.

She knew I was a big Elvis fan so she arranged for the whole stay and of course the guided tour around Graceland. It was quite...

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