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Travel Blogs North America

13 July 2011
Yosemite National Park United States Yosemite National Park United States North America

With a group of five friends I made the trip from San Francisco to Yosemite National Park for a three day stay in the park. One of the guys had made arrangements for accomodation, another planned all of the hikes and I made sure we rented a comfortable car to get us safely to Yosemite.

Yosemite National Park is one of the most beautiful and authentic national parks in California with some amazing waterfalls and mountain views.

It was an amazing trip and we had a lot of fun, it definately was a weekend I will never forget! Highlights include El Capitan...

North America » United States » Los Angeles
11 July 2011
Los Angeles United States Los Angeles United States North America

This year I travelled a bit further and went to visit a friend of mine in Los Angeles which was the first time I visited California. I had been to New York twice and Miami once but never to California so I was really excited about the trip.

Los Angeles has gained great status as the land of the rich and famous over the years so of course I wanted to visit Hollywood and its most famous...

North America » United States » Taos
24 June 2011
Taos United States Taos United States North America

The destination of my last holiday had a western edge to it and me and my best friend Tucker decided to go on a road trip through the state of New Mexico winding up in Taos a town in the north-central region of New Mexico which will take you back in time.

Taos or Taos Pueblo seems like a combination of the Wild West and something even more primitive like an African village in the...

North America » Mexico » Playa del Carmen
22 June 2011
Playa del Carmen Mexico Playa del Carmen Mexico North America

This was one crazy holiday spent with my girlfriend and two other couples, all friends. We stayed at the Riu Hotel Yucatan in Playa del Carmen and eventhough it wasn't that bad I wouldn't stay here again on a second trip to Mexico because the staff simply wasn't friendly or helpful.

We had a lot of fun and Playa del Carmen is the best place for young people because there are lot of activities and a great nightlife scene.

After a lazy day on the beach we went out for dinner ( don't worry there are a million different restaurants in Playa del Carmen) and clubbing after that.


North America » United States » Moab
21 June 2011
Moab United States Moab United States North America

Me and my hubby went on a roadtrip from Moab in eastern Utah and visited the gorgeous Arches and Canyonlands nearby. Monument Valley, The Arches National Park, the area around the canyon walls and many more beautiful places to visit.

We hiked through the Morning Glory Natural Bridge located in Negro Bill Canyon near Moab and I just remembered looking around me and feeling so small....

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