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Travel Blogs Middle East

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Fujairah
11 May 2011
Fujairah United Arab Emirates Fujairah United Arab Emirates Middle East

On the opposite coast of the United Arab Emirates we find the city of Fujairah located on the Gulf of Oman instead of the Persian Gulf like are Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The Fujairah International Airport is near the city but if you are driving into Fujairah from Dubai like I was then it might be taking in consideration to spend at least a few days there because of the two hour drive.


Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Abu Dhabi
05 May 2011
Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates Middle East

After my first three months of work in the United Arab Emirates my company hosted a trip to Abu Dhabi where we would attend a meeting for one of our projects.

During our time in Abu Dhabi, which is called the next Dubai of the Middle East we also went on a tour bus to do some sightseeing and get to know eachother better, a great way to work on teambuilding and enjoy this beautiful...

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai
05 May 2011
Dubai United Arab Emirates Dubai United Arab Emirates Middle East

Three weeks ago I came back from an amazing time in Dubai where I ended a six month internship for a company in the fashion industry. Before my departure I didn´t know what to expect from Dubai but it was everything I could have wished for and more!

It was the same feeling I felt when I visited New York for the first time, it´s vibrance and dynamic lifestyle with new projects,...

Middle East » Oman » Nizwa
28 April 2011
Nizwa Oman Nizwa Oman Middle East

My family and I just enjoyed a wonderful holiday in my homeland Oman and stayed at the Golden Tulip Nizwa located out of town and in an almost oasis like setting.

Once a year we visit my parents and other relatives in Nizwa at about an hour, an hour and half by car from Muscat where we arrived by plane. The flight to Muscat was fine and as soon as we landed our rental car was parked...

Middle East » Jordan » Mt Nebo
15 April 2011
Mt Nebo Jordan Mt Nebo Jordan Middle East

From Jerash in the north of Jordan we coninued our journey and went on several tours in and around Amman before heading to Mt Nebo in direction of the border with Israel.

From the top of Mt Nebo you can get great views of the Holy Land and see the city of Jericho and even Jerusalem if you're visiting the ridge on a clear day.

Our guide showed us the mosaic-covered...

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