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Travel Blogs Middle East

Middle East » Syria » Hamah
29 March 2011
Hamah Syria Hamah Syria Middle East

From Palmyra my trip in Syria continued in direction of Hamah, the city known for its giant water wheel facing the Orontes River and charming city centre.

We arrived in Hamah after about two and a half hours of driving and after a quick break to cool off and enjoy some drinks our tour guide walked us to the first of Hamahs 17 norias the Arabic official name for the water wheels that...

Middle East » Syria » Palmyra
29 March 2011
Palmyra Syria Palmyra Syria Middle East

I have been on a holiday to Syria and Jordan earlier this month and it was the first time I ever travelled to the Middle East. I might have picked a better period to travel but in the end I can say that I have had nothing but a great experience and a lot of nice memories to share with other travellers.

The trip was a combined holiday visiting both Syria and Jordan, in that order,...

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv
03 March 2011
Tel Aviv Israel Tel Aviv Israel Middle East

In this travel blog I will try to share some of my trip to Israel, my home country and today a very much loved holiday destination by my entire family.

We landed in Tel Aviv where we had a booking at Liber Apartment, a great place to stay if you're travelling with your family like I often am because of the space and location.

Our apartment or condo had two bedrooms, one for me and my wife and another one for the kids to share.

The Liber condo's are really clean and well furbished with a fully equipped kitchen and tv sitting room so we feel like we are at...

Middle East » Jordan » Wadi Rum
28 February 2011
Wadi Rum Jordan Wadi Rum Jordan Middle East

The 16th of February my wife and I left on a ten day rond trip to Jordan, the pearl of the Middle East. At first I had doubts about the length of our trip and thought we could never see all we wanted to see in only ten days but I guess I was wrong.

In a ten day round trip like the one we went on you travel quite a lot so you are able to visit all of Jordan's most important sites.


Middle East » Bahrain » Manama
08 February 2011
Manama Bahrain Manama Bahrain Middle East

After a very nice stay in Dubai and in the United Arab Emirates, where we would return later on, our Deliziosa Cruise continued its journey in direction of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

We docked in Manama, the capital city of Bahrain Island, which is the largest island of the Bahrain archipelago and located east of Saudi Arabia in the Persian Gulf.

Besides a country...

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