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Travel Blogs South America

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Travel Blogs South America

South America » Colombia » Guatape
21 October 2010
Guatape Colombia Guatape Colombia South America

Medellin is known as one of the most dangerous places in Colombia but if you want to escape all that hectic city life you could easily take a weekend break from Medellin and head to a more peaceful destination.

I spent the last three months in Medellin where I wrote my MA Thesis and there were time I desperately felt the need to escape the city so when I found out about El Penon...

South America » Ecuador » Quito
15 October 2010
Quito Ecuador Quito Ecuador South America

Backpacking through South America I also travelled to Ecuador where I visited several beautiful places starting with Quito, the capital city of Ecuador and a true gem as fas as the colonial history of the country goes.

The historic centre of Quito deserves a walking tour around as even the small calle's and viale's are worth a peek or a photograph.

I had read that...

South America » Netherlands Antilles » Willemstad
12 October 2010
Willemstad Netherlands Antilles Willemstad Netherlands Antilles South America

With a couple of friends my husband and I spent a perfect beach holiday in Curacao, one of the islands of the Netherlands Antilles.

We stayed in the capital city of Curacao, colourful Willemstad. Well, if you have ever been to Amsterdam you can see how this place was colonized by the Dutch as the houses have very similar shapes.

The only thing which makes Willemstad...

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires
08 October 2010
Buenos Aires Argentina Buenos Aires Argentina South America

I have been in Buenos Aires for three weeks now and so far my travel experience has been great. I arrived in Argentina in September and had a week of relax before my travel adventure, or should I say working holiday, would begin.

At my university I had arranged for me to work at an elementary school in Buenos Aires instead of doing some boring internship back home.


South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro
05 October 2010
Rio de Janeiro Brazil Rio de Janeiro Brazil South America

In January I left for Rio de Janeiro where I signed up for volunteer work in a school together with a friend of mine. We both had finished our studies and wanted to explore the world so when our teacher told us about the possibility to do volunteer work in Brazil we both knew this was something for us.

We left in wintertime and arrived in exotic Brazil where summer seems to be the...

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