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Travel Blogs South America

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Travel Blogs South America

South America » Bolivia » Tiwanacu
08 November 2010
Tiwanacu Bolivia Tiwanacu Bolivia South America

I have done an internship in La Paz for three months and eventhough it's a really nice city to stay in I sometimes felt the need to escape all the chaos and clear my mind.

The thing that worked best for me was to purchase a bus ticket out of La Paz and go on a day trip or guided hike in one of the many rural sites around the city.

One place that I found particularly...

South America » Bolivia » Potosi
03 November 2010
Potosi Bolivia Potosi Bolivia South America

Backpacking through Bolivia you can't skip the hostels of all hostels and spend the night at the real Salt Hotel, located in the Salar de Uyuni.

The salt lakes of Uyuni are worth a visit on its own and the best thing to do is to rent a car with a group of people like we did or sign up for a Uyuni Jeep tour.

The only reason why me and the guys that I was travelling...

South America » Chile » Valparaiso
01 November 2010
Valparaiso Chile Valparaiso Chile South America

In August I left for Chile with my best friend. We had made a list of the places we wanted to see but besides a hostel for our first week we didn't plan much.

When we arrived in Chile the first city we stayed in was Santiago but after two days we decided to move to the coast and rented a car to get to Valparaiso.

Valparaiso is a very artistic place and its the...

South America » Ecuador » Galapagos
31 October 2010
Galapagos Ecuador Galapagos Ecuador South America

When you're on a holiday in Ecuador a boat ride to the world famous Galapagos Islands is definitely something that will make your travel experience even more unforgettable.

Of course, it'w quite a boat ride but without a doubt a very exciting one. The best thing to do is to stay at least a few days so you can explore the various islands and don't feel like you're rushing your travel...

South America » Argentina » El Calafate
27 October 2010
El Calafate Argentina El Calafate Argentina South America

Patagonia must be the most breathtaking part of Argentina and simply a world away from the colourful capital city of Buenos Aires.

Going on a glacier tour through Patagonia and explore El Parque Nacional Los Glaciares to me sounded like the ultimate travel adventure so that's why I divided my time in Argentina in two holidays.

The first week in Buenos Aires, the...

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