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Travel Blogs South America

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Travel Blogs South America

South America » Peru » Taquile Island
03 August 2010
Taquile Island Peru Taquile Island Peru South America

From Amantani Island we made a trip to Taquile Island which is another island of Lake Titicaca that is often visited by tourists.

The inhabitants of Taquile Island, the Taquilenos, are known for their fine handwoven textile and clothing.

Visiting the island you'll notice that only the men and not the women are responsible for the knitting and when you walk in...

South America » Peru » Isla Amantani
03 August 2010
Isla Amantani Peru Isla Amantani Peru South America

Coming back from the floating islands of the Uros people our Lake Titicaca adventure had just begun and we were ready to exlore the next destination on the lake.

The next morning we were picked up by boat to leave for Isla Amantani where we would stay at the house of a local Peruvian family who runs a Casa Hospedaje Ecologica on the hills of Amantani.


South America » Peru » Puno
03 August 2010
Puno Peru Puno Peru South America

We left the volcano landscape and the Colca Canyon behind to continue our road trip to Puno and the floating island of Lake Titicaca.

The Uros people of Puno are the habitants of the floating islands and take care of over 40 floating islands, all accessible by boat from Puno.

A visit to the floating islands has become a very touristic and almost tacky thing to...

South America » Peru » Colca Canyon
03 August 2010
Colca Canyon Peru Colca Canyon Peru South America

From Chivay we made a more thorough Colca Canyon trek to explore this beautiful mountain pass north of Arequipa. The Colca Canyon is the most famous canyon of South Peru and attracts a lot of hikers and tourists wanting to do a trekking.

From Chivay which is located on the upper Colca River the itinerary isn't that steep as this is the part where the canyon isn't that deep and terraces...

South America » Peru » Chivay
03 August 2010
Chivay Peru Chivay Peru South America

From Arequipa we headed to Chivay and entered the Valley of Volcanos, or Zona de Vicunas, as a road sign explained us. There are many options when you're driving from Arequipa to Chivay and we travelled the shortest road that runs through the Reserva Nacional de Salinas Aguda Blancas.

The road literally took us through the Zona de Vicunas and we made several stops to take pictures...

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