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Travel Blogs South America

Travel Blogs South America

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Travel Blogs South America

South America » Peru » Lima
29 September 2011
Lima Peru Lima Peru South America

Hello yukiba readers, in this blog I would like to share my travel experience in Peru where I went on a boat tour to Islas Ballestas near Paracas and about ten km from Lima where I was staying.

On itself Lima is a very interesting city with beautiful places and churches to visit but it is also nice to do some tours or travel to the coast because of its immense beauty.


South America » Costa Rica » Quepos
22 September 2011
Quepos Costa Rica Quepos Costa Rica South America

While Dominical was a real dissapointment because of a bad hostel (The Refuge Hostel I believe..) and a bit of heavy rain fall moving up to Quepos was a pleasent surprise.

I visited the impressive Manuel Antonio National Park which is not only home to beautiful wildlife but also to some of the best beaches in Quepos so a great place to visit!

Make sure to continue...

South America » Costa Rica » Puerto Jimenez
22 September 2011
Puerto Jimenez Costa Rica Puerto Jimenez Costa Rica South America

From Cahuita in Costa Rica where my trip had started I travelled to Puerto Jimenez by bus which was a great little ride. Around town you will find some pretty impressive caiman crocs btw.

The reason for heading to Puerto Jimenez was that it is the point of departure for the Corcovado National Park and eventhough the three day jungle trek is quite rough the park is really worth it!


South America » Costa Rica » Cahuita
22 September 2011
Cahuita Costa Rica Cahuita Costa Rica South America

Hi there! This is my first review blog about my backpacking holiday in Costa Rica where I had an amazing time and met loads of crazy friendly people.

The backpacking trip started in a place called Puerto Viejo in the Lemon Province where I stayed at a hostel called Rocking J's, the perfect place to meet new people, and a very laid back beach town to start your journey.


South America » Jamaica » Montego Bay
19 September 2011
Montego Bay Jamaica Montego Bay Jamaica South America

We had a fabulous stay in Montego Bay at the Riu Hotel. The hotel was perfectly located on the beach and within a short walk we could make it from our hotel room to the beach every morning.

I adored the towel swans created for us every morning and found it to be a real charm. Another plus was the minibar and the liquor corner as we called it! Besides the minibar there were a few...

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