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Asia » Vietnam » Hue
18 July 2010
Hue Vietnam Hue Vietnam Asia

Hue is the monumental capital of Vietnam if you could call it that and it's no wonder UNESCO recognized the old historic walled city, also known as the forbidden city of Hue, a World Heritage Site.

Many years ago this citadel, or walled city, was the capital city of the Nguyen Empire and a place just for Vietnam's most priveleged people, the Nguyen emperors and their loved ones.


Asia » Vietnam » Hanoi
18 July 2010
Hanoi Vietnam Hanoi Vietnam Asia

In April me and my boyfriend went to Vietnam to travel from Hanoi downsouth to Ho Chi Minh City from where we would take our return flight.

In total we travelled a month and a half through Vietnam which was completely amazing and so much better than I expected. I found it so easy to comunicate with people and find places to stay, to go to or to see.

Hanoi was great and after a day of serious recovery after our 14 hour flight we were ready to go and explore all the things to see in Hanoi.

Like all smart travelling we had purchased the Lonely Planet of Vietnam...

Asia » Japan » Tokyo
15 July 2010
Tokyo Japan Tokyo Japan Asia

In 2007 I went to Japan for business and stayed there for about two weeks, what an impressive city! Truly one that never sleeps and keeps on going 24/7.

Before getting to work I had two days to discover Tokyo on my own and take some pictures of my first impressions of Japan.

Tokyo is a huge city and besides by foot you could also use the metro to get from one point...

Asia » Cambodia » Siem Reap
14 July 2010
Siem Reap Cambodia Siem Reap Cambodia Asia

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Angkor Wat is one of the most important archeological sites of Cambodia and a very important touristic attraction which draws a large number of people to the region of Siem Reap.

The Siem Reap region is located in the northwestern part of Cambodia and the monuments of Angkor Wat once represented the wealth and royalty of the Khmer Empire.

Today Angkor Wat, which means The Holy City in ancient Khmer, is still a magical and unique place.

The several monuments are all located in a lush green garden of beautiful plants and enormous...

Asia » Mongolia » Kharkhorin
13 July 2010
Kharkhorin Mongolia Kharkhorin Mongolia Asia

The Gobi Desert is located in the continent of Asia but is divided between two nations; Mongolia and China. Most people who travel through the Gobi Desert combine a trip to Mongolia with a visit to the northern region of China where the Gobi Desert crosses the mongolian and chinese border.

The climate in this part of Asia can be quite rigid with extreme temperatures in wintertime...

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