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Asia » India » Leh
21 December 2010
Leh India Leh India Asia

I just came back from a road trip through the region of Kashmir in the north of India. I travelled together with two good friends and our journey started in Delhi where we rented a car to start our trip to Leh and the Ladakh Region.

After spending a few days in Delhi, the capital city of India, we had taken in enough big city air and needed a break from the chaotic lifestyle in downtown Delhi.

The roadtrip was unforgettable and we had such a great time.

More you travel to the north more dramatic and magical the scenery gets and then after passing all those...

Asia » Bhutan » Thimphu
17 December 2010
Thimphu Bhutan Thimphu Bhutan Asia

From Phuentsholing I continued my journey in Bhutan in direction of Thimphu, the captal city and the largest city of Bhutan.

Thimphu is located about 130 km north of Phuentscholing in central west Bhutan. To get there you can travel by bus like I did which was quite comfortable as far as a seven hour bus ride can be comfortable..

It sure was an interesting journey and the perfect way to see more of the scenery in Bhutan.

Thimphu has some of the most stunning Buddhist monasteries like the Tashichho Dzong fortress which lies just north of the city and today houses...

Asia » Vietnam » Da Lat
15 December 2010
Da Lat Vietnam Da Lat Vietnam Asia

Da Lat is located in the south of Vietnam and is known for its unique character, in everything. While the valleys of Da Lat are often covered by a veil of mist its curious architecture and rich botanical gardens gave Da Lat its nickname, the City of eternal Spring.

And talking about architecture in Vietnam, this gem in the south of the Central Highlands has it's share of strange...

Asia » Bhutan » Phuentsholing
10 December 2010
Phuentsholing Bhutan Phuentsholing Bhutan Asia

This blog will serve as a short travel guide for my time in Bhutan as a backpacker back in 2009. Phuentsholing, a small town on the southern border was the first place I visited since I travelled from India which borders Bhutan in the south.

A Phichuentsholing Travel Guide might come in handy eventhough it is such a small town that you´ll probably stay here for just a few days or continue your journey to Thimphu, the capital city of Bhutan, directly.

The road which leads from Phuentsholing to Thimphu runs through the heart of the town and actually divides the countries of Bhutan...

Asia » Russia » Yaroslavl
09 December 2010
Yaroslavl Russia Yaroslavl Russia Asia

My travel adventure this Autumn started with a flight from London to Moscow where I spend one night upon arrival before hopping on the direct train to Yaroslavl, leaving from Yaroslavsky Station.

Yaroslavl is a city in the central western part of Russia, north east of Moscow and to be able to travel up there by train you will pay around 10 GBP, which would come down to 11 EUR or...

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