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17 June 2011
Bandarawela Sri Lanka Bandarawela Sri Lanka Asia

Entering the Uva Province and leaving the Central part of Sri Lanka behind me the train I had travelled with had become my best friend and looking outside the window the landscapes had never dissapointed me.

I arrived at Bandarawela in the the Badulla District where it is known as the second largest city but also as an eco-friendly tourist destination for its beautiful and impressive waterfalls.

Most visited without a doubt are the falls of Ravana Ella located neat the Bandarawela-Wallawawaya road and known for its 30 ft drop. The falls are also known as some of the widest in...

Asia » India » Aurangabad
17 June 2011

We were on our tour visiting the Ajanta & Ellora Caves in Aurangabad. We Stayed 2 nights in the Manor Hotel and we had an excellent stay, a well furnished room was provided to us.

The taste of the food was fantastic, all the staff was polite and courteous. We...

Asia » Thailand » Chiang Mai
13 June 2011
Chiang Mai Thailand Chiang Mai Thailand Asia

This is a tour I would really recommend in Chiang Mai because it will take you through the city by bicycle, a great and especially fun way to do sightseeing.

The Colours of Chiang Mai Bicycle Tour lasts about 4 hours and will take you through the southern part of Chiang Mai visiting the temples and other important sites.

I travelled with my wife and we really enjoyed...

Asia » Russia » Moscow
06 June 2011
Moscow Russia Moscow Russia Asia

I always wanted to visit Russia but somehow my boyfriend and I never went there and always went for the more exotic travel destinations, until last April. We had found a tour operator that combined the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg in one itinerary which made the whole thing more interesting.

It can be hard to tour both Moscow and St. Petersburg because of the distance between...

Asia » China » Rizhao
04 June 2011

It is on the list of one of the top 10 Envionmental cities of the world ( Amazing for China). The national water sports competiton is held here every 2 years.

The new area near the beach where this is held is fantastic!

Great city with the old and new and i was told this is where northern china people go to holiday.

Loved Hudsons Coffee and Bar: Expats,...

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