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Asia » Myanmar » Bagan
13 April 2010
Hot air balloon flight over Bagan, Myanmar Bagan Myanmar Asia

Bagan is known for its gorgeous pagoda's which are located in this beautiful green landscape.

The best way to see the pagoda's and temples of Bagan is by hot air balloon and the balloon flight in Bagan are very popular with tourists visiting this part of Myanmar.

We decide to book a balloon flight which turned out to be an amazing experience!


Asia » Myanmar » Yangon
13 April 2010
The painted nails of the Buddha of Yangon Yangon Myanmar Asia

Yangon is the capital of Myanmar and as soon as we arrived at the airport we were welcomed by our travel guide.

We stayed at the Summit Park View Hotel which is beautiful and we can even see the Shwedagon Pagode from here!

The weather is great and we decided to spend our first day by exploring a bit of the city centre. It was about 30 degrees, perfect! The next...

Asia » India » Mahabalipuram
09 April 2010
Market stand and bananas in Mahabalipuram, India Mahabalipuram India Asia

Mamallapuram is an Indian town in the state of Tamil Nadu and completely different than any town I've ever seen.

Walking through the streets of Mamallapuram you don't know where to look and its a strange blend of new images, smells and sounds. As we walk we encounter plastic eating cows making their way through town, kids running around barefooted wearing their Unicef rucksacks,...

Asia » Thailand » Chiang Mai
06 April 2010
Photos of Wat Bupparam, Chiang Mai Chiang Mai Thailand Asia

Wat Bupparam is located on busy Tha Phae Road together with the temples of Mahawan and Wat Chetawan.

Unfortunately as soon as we walked on Tha Phae Road it started raining tropical drops and we decided to do a quick tour around the different wats.

Wat Bupparam has a beautiful white and golden chedi and a decorated temple made of teak and decorated in the old Lanna style. The temple was built by Burmese artisans who immigrated to Chiang Mai.

Luckily there was a market at the beginning of the street where we bought an umbrella and all kinds of souvenirs,...

Asia » India » Mysore
01 April 2010
Panoramic photos of the Mysore Palace Ground. Mysore India Asia

Mysore is a city in the state of Karnataka and together with Bangalore a very important touristic drawcard. Mysore is famouse for its rich culture and good silk.

Tourists also come here to experience the famous Dasara festival. But just the amazing Mysore Palace Ground with its beautiful palace and lush gardens.

The Mysore Palace reminds us of the rich past of...

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