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Asia » Russia » Moscow
22 February 2010
Photos of the Kremlin in Moscow Moscow Russia Asia

I have been to Russia on two different trips, one to Saint Petersburg and another one to Moscow. Both cities are gorgeous but completely different from each other.

Saint Petersburg is a beautiful place to visit with great architectual structures. Some of the buildings resemble North European structures found in cities like Hamburg or Anvers.

The Russian architect of Italian origin, Carlo Rossi, is responsible for a lot of great archtectual ensambles in St Petersburg like, for example, the Alexandrine Theatre and walking through the streets of this static city his work won't...

Asia » Thailand » Bangkok
21 February 2010
Touring the Similan Islands, Thailand Bangkok Thailand Asia

The beauty of Thailand is almost indescribable and visiting some of the main touristic places like Bangkok, Phuket and the many islands I couldn't believe how many gorgeous places this country has to offer.

From Ko Phi Phi I still remember the adrenaline running through my body while trying to spot leopard sharks and black tip reef sharks on a adventurous snorkel trip. Just as intense...

Asia » Maldives » Giravaru
17 February 2010
Holiday photos from the Maldives Giravaru Maldives Asia

I have never been to a travel destination like the Maldives before and to me it simply was a paradise on earth! The first sight of the Giravaru Island where we arrived after a 20 minutes boat ride was almost shocking and had a huge impact on me.

Giravaru is a small island resort on the Kaafu Atoll, near Male, the capital of the Maldives and you could probably walk around it in few minutes.

Giravaru has a beautiful vegetation and even more beautiful beaches. The sand is so white and you can cool off in the shades of the many palm trees which are full of coconuts. It made me just...

Asia » Japan » Odawara City
17 February 2010
My Japanese friend Chiaki Odawara City Japan Asia

It was september of the year 2000 when I made this trip to Japan at the age of 23. I met Yuko, my girlfriend at the time, on the internet and after two years of talking and writing to eachother we decided to meet up in Japan, her home country.

I was so exciting of travelling to Japan and not even in the first place to see Yuko but finally I would get to visit the country of my dreams. When I was little I grew up with all the Japanese cartoons and action figures and now I would see the place where all that creativity came from!

In Japan there are so many places to visit...

Asia » India » Chennai
15 February 2010
Great trip in India Chennai India Asia

India might not be an ordinary travel destination but travelling to this amazing country will sure give you an unforgettable experience. You will see a lot of shocking things like the extreme poverty and very bad hygienic conditions but you will also meet the amazing Indian people and some of the most beautiful places in the world.

The hospitality and friendliness of the Indian people...

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