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29 January 2010
Fruit cocktails on the beach Railay Beach Thailand Asia

Railay Beach near Ao Nang in Krabi is one of the most beautiful beaches in this region of Thailand. You can only get to Railay Beach by longtail boat and because of the many tourists wanting to get here you even have to purchase a lontail boat ticket and wait in line till one of the boats will come back from Railay.

In a group of 6 to 8 people you will be brought to Railay Beach...

Asia » Thailand » Phuket
29 January 2010
Pictures of hotel in Phuket Phuket Thailand Asia

If you're looking for luxurous, budget accomodation in Phuket and don't want to stay in one of the sleezy parts of this beach town then the Sino House Hotel Apartment is perfect for you!

We went to Phuket because we booked a ferry from Phuket to Ko Phi Phi but didn't really wanted to stay here. I did some research, heard a lot of stories and wasn't too much into the Phuket vibe. Tourists do tend to come here a lot for other things than enjoying a normal holiday if you know what I mean and the locals can become very pushy when it comes down to selling their 'merchandise'..


Asia » Thailand » Ko Hin Ngam
19 January 2010
By longtail boat to Ko Hin Ngam Ko Hin Ngam Thailand Asia

Ko Hin Ngam is small island in front of the bigger Ko Adang and known for its many vulcanic rocks. The Thai locals believe that taking one of these rocks away from Ko Hin Ngam will cause you a great amount of bad luck. A information sign on the island even specifies the meaning of this bad luck and according to the ancient rock beliefs steeling some of the vulcanic marbles will lead to the death of...

Asia » Thailand » Ko Rawi
19 January 2010
The blue waters of Ko Rawi Ko Rawi Thailand Asia

Ko Rawi is one of Thailands less touristic islands and part of the Adang Archipelago, close to the island of Ko Lipe and the Malaysian border. Tourists coming to Thailand usually visit islands like Ko Samui and Ko Phangan right of the main land or Ko Phi Phi and Ko Lanta a bit more south on its left.

The island of Ko Lipe lies a bit more remote and it will take you about 6 hours...

Asia » Cambodia » Stung Treng
18 January 2010
Crowded Cambodian bus Stung Treng Cambodia Asia

Travelling through Cambodia, but also Laos and Thailand, we were lucky to see so much of these beautiful countries from their landscape, cultural traditions and every day life.

The best pictures to me were the once you take while walking around or the pictures you can take from the opening at the rear of a tuk tuk because on every angle you can see playing children, amazing temples but also some of the daily local pratices.

Sometimes that one picture taken in the alleys of a Cambodian street, on a night market in Laos or alongside the river in Thailand can be a hundred times...

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