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23 August 2010
Hong Kong Island Hong Kong Hong Kong Island Hong Kong Asia

This March I've been to Hong Kong, located on the south coast of China forming one of it's two, together with Macao, independent regions.

Hong Kong itself consists in three different regions being the New Territories in the North, West and East of the peninsula, Hong Kong Island in the South and Kowloon in the center.

All of these regions are made up of different...

Asia » Japan » Nagano City
18 August 2010
Nagano City Japan Nagano City Japan Asia

From Tokyo we went to Nagano, the city that hosted the 1998 Olympic Winter Games and as soon as we arrived at Nagano Station we spotted a poster dedicated to these games, showing how the hosting changed perspectives for Nagano.

We stayed at the Nagano Holiday Inn Express and after checking out our rooms and leaving our luggage we went out for some sightseeing around town.


Asia » Japan » Tokyo
18 August 2010
Tokyo Japan Tokyo Japan Asia

For our second time on the bullet train we took the Shinkansen from Odawara to Tokyo, the capital of Japan. It took us only 34 minutes to get to Tokyo aboard the Shinkansen train and we had arrived before we knew it.

Tokyo is an incredible city that every dedicated traveller should visit at least once and being the capital of Japan a visit to this beautiful country isn't complete...

Asia » Japan » Hakone
17 August 2010
Hakone Japan Hakone Japan Asia

From Odawara City Station our guide took us on a ride south through the mountains all the way to Hakone Town.

Hakone is located on the eastern side of the Hakone Pass and the town itself is centered around the Ashi Lake, part of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park.

Like the name suggests both the town of Hakone as Mount Fuji and the Izu Peninsula south of the lake...

Asia » Japan » Odawara City
17 August 2010
Odawara City Japan Odawara City Japan Asia

To get to Odawara City from Kyoto we travelled by train and not just a regular train but the one and only pride of the Japanese Railway, the Shinkansen bullet train.

We travelled a lot by bus but hopping on the Shinkansen bullet train was something else and a whole different travel experience on its own.

The Shinkansen bullet train travels way faster than a regular...

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