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Asia » Russia » Moscow
08 October 2010
Moscow Russia Moscow Russia Asia

After a good flight from Rome me and my wife landed at Moscow Domodedovo Airport and took a taxi to the Izmailovo Hotel where we would be staying during our holiday in Russia.

We often go to Moscow to visit her relatives and usually book a room at the Izmailovo Hotel simply because the location is really good and we have never had a negative experience here.


Asia » China » Changping
05 October 2010
Changping China Changping China Asia

This September me and my wife joined an organized trip to China. The holiday lasted for three weeks and included accomodation and flight.

We stayed in Beijing and toured around the city by bus to visit popular touristic attractions and cultural sites.

We had a Chinese and English speaking guide which joined us on all of the bus trips.

The most...

04 October 2010
Hong Kong Island Hong Kong Hong Kong Island Hong Kong Asia

As an international recruiter for an IT company I get to travel a lot and specially between Europe and Asia where our company has it's fastest growing market.

This August I travelled on a business trip to Hong Kong to set up a new project together with our collegues there.

Hong Kong is a very inspiring city, especially for me working in the IT sector as everything goes fast and with a lot of attention drawn to it. It's the perfect place to hang around and soak up the creativity that is around you.

During my stay in Hong Kong I also had two days of sightseeing...

Asia » Japan » Kyoto
22 September 2010
Kyoto Japan Kyoto Japan Asia

During my two months of studying abroad in Japan I stayed in Hirakata City where I met my fellow students and my personal Japanese speaking partner, which turned out to be a great match.

Together with the other girls we decided to organize a day trip from Hirakata to Kyoto, which lies north of Hirakata and can be reached by public transport.

We had a great time...

Asia » Japan » Hirakata
21 September 2010
Hirakata Japan Hirakata Japan Asia

My time in Japan was the best of my life and I would suggest leaving for a study abroad experience to anyone who is passionate about learning a new language, especially when it concerns a language as Japanese.

I signed up for the Japanese language school experience after browsing every possible forum on the internet and after having read only positive reviews from people who did.


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