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Africa » Tunisia » Djerba
14 February 2010
Photos of holiday in Tunisia Djerba Tunisia Africa

My trip to Tunisia was great and travelling with four of my friends I was in great company. We stayed in a touristic resort which normally isn't my favourite accomodation type because people tend to get stuck in there and forget about exploring the real culture but in the end we had a great time!

We visited the local market in Houmt Souk, the market neighbourhood of Djerba and spend...

Africa » Algeria » Tindouf
12 February 2010
Sahara Marathon in Tindouf Tindouf Algeria Africa

I made this trip to Algeria, Tindouf as part of the Sahara Marthon of 2005 which is a great way to get to experience the Great Sahara Desert and learn some more about the Sahawari People who live in the refugee camps of this area. The Saharawi People have been living as refugees for the past 26 years after Morocco invaded and occupied Western Sahara.

The marathon is held in the...

Africa » Tunisia » Sousse
11 February 2010
Traditional Tunisian dancers Sousse Tunisia Africa

My holiday in Tunisia was amazing. I already had a passion for the oriental culture so it was the perfect travel destination for me. I travelled with my parents and we stayed in the Port El Kantaoui Resort a few chilometers north of Sousse in the north east of Tunisia.

Port El Kantaoui is a really fascinating place with the famous Medina Market, great shopping and beautiful port....

Africa » Kenya » Masai Mara
10 February 2010
Kenyan Masai village Masai Mara Kenya Africa

I made this trip to Kenya in 2005 just after I graduated and the weeks I spend there were amazing and an experience I will never forget. I spend one week on the coast which wasn't that great but the week in the Masai Mara Reserve was the best thing I have ever done.

Staying in the Masai Mara Game Reserve you live so close to nature that even waking up around 5 or 6 am every day...

Africa » Kenya » Mombasa
07 February 2010
Lions during Safari in Kenya Mombasa Kenya Africa

What can I say about is a third world country and besides the nicely built resorts and hotels along the beaches you will see a lot of misery and pain, something that really had a huge impact on me on our trip.

I think it's normal that you will need several days to adjust to the completely differnt life style and daily rhythm. Of course the fact that we had the luxury of...

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