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Africa » Sierra Leone » Kamakwie
24 May 2010
Kamakwie Sierra Leone Kamakwie Sierra Leone Africa

The Outamba-kilimi national is located in the far north of Sierra Leone and close to the border with the Republic of Guinea. The nearest town to the park would be Kamakwie which is about a 15 km drive away and a good place to stay if you want to visit the Outamba-kilimi national park.

The main reason for me to visit the Outamba-kilimi national park was to see the hippo's, and of...

Africa » Guinea » Pita
24 May 2010
Pita Guinea Pita Guinea Africa

The Kinkon Falls and the Kambadaga Falls are both located in the heart of Guinea's highlands which are also known as the Fouta Djalon Region.

The Fouta Djalon Region is a beautiful region and often referred to as the Grand Canyon of West Africa. The Kinkon falls are situated 7 km from the city of Pita on the river Kokoulo.

Pita is located south of Labe, one of...

Africa » Guinea Bissau » Bissau
24 May 2010
Bissau Guinea Bissau Bissau Guinea Bissau Africa

One of the most amazing touristic attractions in Guinea Bissau would be the turtle spotting tour on the beach. This tour is held at night in the period around october when the baby turtles are born.

Accompanied by a beach ranger we went to the beach where a mother turtle was waiting for her little ones to break free and make their way to the big ocean.

When that...

21 May 2010
Kinshasa Democratic Republic of the Congo Kinshasa Democratic Republic of the Congo Africa

The Lola Ya Bonobo sanctuary is a new home for orphaned bonobos and situated in a town called Les Petites Chutes de la Lukaya, just outside of Kinshasa in the south western tip of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Lola Ya Bonobo cares for more than 60 bonobo orphans and has an incredible staff who does a fantastic job rehabilitating infant orphan bonobos so that they can join...

Africa » Mayotte » Mamoudzou
19 May 2010
Mamoudzou Mayotte Mamoudzou Mayotte Africa

In Mayotte we had plenty of time to explore the waters and do a lot of snorkeling and of course diving with our brand new PADI certificates.

The wildlife we came across on Mayotte Island was amazing and we kept on pointing each other in different directions. Both the underwater world as the main land has some amazing flora and fauna.

Situated in the Indian Ocean,...

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