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Africa » Comoros » Moroni
18 May 2010
Moroni Comoros Moroni Comoros Africa

The Comoros Islands are situated between northeastern Mozambique and Madagascar and we travelled to Grande Comore, the largest island of the archipelago.

The capital of The Comoros Islands and Grande Comore is Moroni which is built around a beautiful bay on the islands west coast and where you'll find the city's harbor.

Facing Harbor Bay there is the Central Mosque,...

Africa » Mauritania » Terjit
15 May 2010
Terjit Mauritania Terjit Mauritania Africa

Me and my husband chose for a completely different holiday than the ones we used to go on when we decided to head to Mauritania. That in itself would have been a adventurous enough travel destination but we wanted more.

We had always wanted to go on a real camel ride through the desert, something completely different from the camel rides other touristic places offer and something authentic.

We chose to go on a camel ride through the the Terjit Oasis, which is known by few tourists but an amazing adventure for the two of us.

The whole trip was in nomad style...

Africa » Mozambique » Tofo
11 May 2010
Tofo Mozambique Tofo Mozambique Africa

In 2008 me and my best friend Roger went on our first African adventure to Mozambique. Our main goal was to get our PADI diploma and dive the reefs of the East African coast, including the islands of Mayotte and Comores which are situated off the coast between Mozambique and Madagascar.

Not knowing how long we were going to stay in Mozambique we only booked a one-way ticket which...

Africa » Seychelles » Victoria
11 May 2010
Victoria Seychelles Victoria Seychelles Africa

Together with a group of friends I made a sailing trip around the Seychelles islands last february which was amazing. We had prepared this trip for about one year and a few months ago the moment had finally come.

We took our flight from Paris to the Seychelles International Airport and when we were almost there the view from our windows was breath taking. The colors of the ocean, the white beaches, the palm trees, you could see it all from up there.

We had arranged our sailboat before arriving on the main island so we didn't had to worry about that.

In total...

Africa » Malawi » Liwonde
10 May 2010
Liwonde Malawi Liwonde Malawi Africa

Travelling from Tanzania to Zambia we first made a stop in Malawi where we stayed for about two weeks. One of the parks we visited was the Liwonde National Park which is situated east of the Shire River, in the South East of Malawi.

The park is known for its wildlife and wetlands and the weekend we drove off to the Liwonde National Park it was the game count weekend so we had good...

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