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16 May 2011
Ilha de Mocambique Mozambique Ilha de Mocambique Mozambique Africa

The Escondidinho Hotel was a great find when my boyfriend and I were looking for a place to stay on Ilha de Mocambique where we would enjoy two amazing weeks.

The Escondidinho is a hotel located in a beautiful old house with a very modern Mediterranean (the owner is Italian) feel to it at the same time. In the hotel we were happy to find different lounge areas where you could sit down, read a book or enjoy a glass of wine.

The rooms were nice and we also enjoyed the outside pool the hotel has to offer. The hotel has an adjacent French Restaurant which is called the Econdidinho...

Africa » Kenya » Tsavo
21 April 2011
Tsavo Kenya Tsavo Kenya Africa

April 2011, Kenya Tours and Safaris

I went to Kenya on a family trip and during that holiday we visited several wildlife parks and moved to different lodges and hotels in order to be able to visit the several wildlife parks and other tourist attractions.

I added Tsavo as the city for this blog since it was the first park we actually visited in Kenya. We stayed...

Africa » Lesotho » Nazareth
08 April 2011
Nazareth Lesotho Nazareth Lesotho Africa

The mountainous area of western Lesotho might not seem the ordinary travel destination but somehow I managed to spend the last three months of my life living in definately the most primitive place I have ever visited.

The village where I stayed during my volunteer work in Lesotho is called Nazareth and is located near the capital city of Maseru close to the border between Lesotho...

Africa » Cameroon » Yaounde
01 April 2011
Yaounde Cameroon Yaounde Cameroon Africa

A few months ago I found the website of CWAF, the Cameroon Wildlife Aid Fund, online while searching for a volunteer program in Africa.

I had no particular country in mind but I knew that I wanted to do voluntary work in with animals and maybe work in a shelter or participate in a conservation program to help misplaced or hurt animals and get them back to their natural habitat.


01 April 2011
Bom Bom Island Sao Tome and Principe Bom Bom Island Sao Tome and Principe Africa

After the new years celebrations back home our family was ready for the holiday of a lifetime! We had a planned a sort of family reunion and tropical vacation in one and had booked a luxurious Sao Tome and Principe Resort Holiday.

We stayed in several cabins, me and my wife had our own just like our daughters with their partners and children, at the beautiful Bom Bom Island Resort.


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