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Africa » Mauritius » Blue Bay
07 May 2010
Blue Bay Mauritius Blue Bay Mauritius Africa

Last september me and my wife left for an exotic two weeks on the island of Mauritius. The island is really beautiful and the beaches are stunning.

One of our favourite places on the island was Blue Bay in the South East of Mauritius. Here you will find the Blue Bay Nature Reserve and some of the islands most beautiful beaches.

Other paradisiac beaches which we...

Africa » Swaziland » Magomba
03 May 2010
Pictures of a giraffe in the Mkhaya Game Reserve, Swaziland Magomba Swaziland Africa

The Mkhaya Game Reserve is situated in central Swaziland and is home to some of the most rare species, some even threatened with extinction.

On a wildlife safari through the Mkhaya Game Reserve you will be able to spot white rhino, elephant, antilope, black rhino and other beautiful animals.

Together with our ranger Thulami we started our wildlife adventure in one of Swaziland's beautiful game reserves.

Unfortunately the reserve still has to deal with illegal hunters and especially at night the rangers have to guard this enormous park with their lives.


Africa » Sudan » Khartoum
29 April 2010
Photos of the Nile River is Sudan Khartoum Sudan Africa

The area of Nubia is situated in the North of Sudan and the South of Egypt and world famous for its Nubian pyramids in Meroe. The largest part of the ancient Nubian Empire was situated on Sudanese territority and today these pyramids and ruins are an important touristic attraction.

Meroe was an important city of the Nubian Empire and is located along the Nile River going southwards...

Africa » Ethiopia » Gondar
29 April 2010
Trip to the Gelada Baboons in Simien Mountains NP, Ethiopia Gondar Ethiopia Africa

Gondar is a city in the North West of Ethiopia, near the border with Eritrea and Sudan. A visit to Gondar great when combined with a day tour to the Simien Mountains National Park.

The Simien Mountains National Park is situated about 130 km North East of Gondar and known for its amazing landscape and beautiful flora and fauna.

You can also find a total wild population of Gelada Baboons which are amazing and if you're lucky will let you come near them to shoot some pictures.

Gondar itself is known for its many ruins like the Fasilides Castle which is part of...

Africa » Angola » Luanda
25 April 2010
Luanda Angola Luanda Angola Africa

A great way to get a good view of a city as crowded as Luanda is by helicopter so we decided to book a helicopter ride from Dande, in the north of Angola, to Luanda, the country's capital, main port and administrative center.

The ride may not be as spectacular as our helicopter ride over the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe but the crew was really professional and the panorama's of the...

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