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Africa » Mali » Djenne
02 November 2010
Djenne Mali Djenne Mali Africa

Mali might be one of the poorest countries of northwest Africa but it's also a very fascinating country with some of the continent's most impressive architecture and a very generous people.

After landing in Bamako we picked up our rental car and after a short stay we drove to Segou.

In Segou we stayed at a place called Grand Hotel de France which I guess even for Malinese standards was pretty bad.

The staff was friendly so we decided to look at the whole Segou experience in a positive way and continue our journey up to Timbuktu, which lies in the northern part...

Africa » Tanzania » Seronera
01 November 2010
Seronera Tanzania Seronera Tanzania Africa

The best time to go on a safari holiday in Tanzania or Kenya is without a doubt during the great wildebeest migration which takes place around May.

We wanted to go on a wildlife spotting holiday last year but unfortunately our travel agency told us that the time of year, wintertime, wasn't the best time to go.

Of course Tanzania is worth visiting all year and spending...

Africa » Tanzania » Ngorongoro
29 October 2010
Ngorongoro Tanzania Ngorongoro Tanzania Africa

For our honeymoon my husband and I went on a luxurious safari holiday to Tanzania.

Through our travel agency we had booked accomodation at the fabulous Ngorongoro Crater Lodge in the heart of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

The best thing about this lodge, except for the outstanding staff and the gorgeous rooms, was its location, right on the eastern border of...

Africa » Zimbabwe » Hwange
21 October 2010
Hwange Zimbabwe Hwange Zimbabwe Africa

If you want to go on a game safari through the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe the best thing to do is to stay right in the park as well to complete the experience.

Me and my wife had looked up the Hwange Hide Safari Camp on the internet before starting our Zimbabwe adventure and knew it would be perfect for us.

You can decide to camp in real tented suits and...

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga
18 October 2010
Mpumalanga South Africa Mpumalanga South Africa Africa

The Kruger National Park is the most visited game reserve in South Africa and a beautiful place for a camping safari trip.

Before travelling to South Africa I knew I wanted to do a wildlife safari trip and since I love being outdoors and camping I had already figured out a way to combine all these things.

With my best friend I tried to plan some of the trip but...

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