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Oceania » Australia » Cairns
24 December 2009
Arriving by ferry to Green Island Cairns Australia Oceania

Cairns is the best place to explore the pristine island of Green Island and the Great Barrier Reef.

There are several tours to different locations on the Great Barrier Reef and there are lots of brochures available around Cairns. Just head to any given internet point or ask the staff at your hotel.

We had a good deal with our tour which included a day tour at the...

Oceania » Australia » Cairns
22 December 2009
The lake at AJ Hackett Bungy Jumping Cairns Australia Oceania

One of the things, besides sky diving, that we always wanted to do was to do a bungy jump and when you're in Australia, Cairns is the best place to do so.

Before leaving for Australia I'd already searched for some bungy jump locations and Cairns turned out to be the only place! There are some bungy jump locations in Auckland and Queenstown, New Zealand but in Australia Cairns is the main adrenaline centre.

AJ Hackett is kind of like the founder of bungy jumping as an adrenaline sport and he was the man who has put bungy jumping on the world map. The AJ Hackett Bungy Jumping site...

Oceania » Australia » Townsville
20 December 2009
Townville beach on an early morning. Townsville Australia Oceania

From Airlie Beach we headed north to Townsville, Queenslands second largest settlement. We had a lot of expectations of Townsville but were a little dissapointed when we got there.

Townsville's main street, Flinders St Mall, turned out to be part of a reconstruction project and looked completely trashed. 60% of all the shops in the mall were closed for business, up for rent or completely...

Oceania » Australia » Airlie Beach
19 December 2009
Airlie Beach Australia Airlie Beach Australia Oceania

A great little place on the Queensland coast is without a doubt Airlie Beach; great weather, cute shops, lots of fun activities, amazing day tours and good places to grap a bite.

We were happy to have finally arrived!

Airlie Beach has so much to offer for young people, it kind of felt like heaven on a dirt road holiday. There are a lot of internet cafes to book accomodation, arrange tours or plan activities.

We decided to go parasailing which turned out to be pretty relaxing. I'd never done it before and had a great time. The water is beautiful around Airlie...

Oceania » Australia » Mackay
19 December 2009
Street in Mackay town Mackay Australia Oceania

Mackey is all about the huge Eungella National Park on its western hinterland and the numerous beaches just north of town.

The beaches north of Mackay can be devided in dog beaches and those where you're not allowed to take your dogs on the beach. Unfortunately we spotted dogs everywhere on the beaches and weren't that charmed by the way people just let them run around.


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