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Travel Blogs Oceania

Oceania » Australia » Carnarvon
13 January 2010
Banana fields in Carnarvon Carnarvon Australia Oceania

A lot of backpackers road tripping through Western Australia find it hard to find a good paid job but Carnarvon must be the exception here because of its depeveloped agricultural industry. Fruit picking jobs are really popular in Australia and where better to start looking than in a thriving fruit city like Carnarvon?

Carnarvon is also good connected to other touristic points in Western Australia like Broome, Exmouth, Coral Bay and Geraldton in the north and Perth in the south. Just hop on the Greyhound night bus and you'll be dropped off right in town.

Driving through Carnarvon...

Oceania » Australia » Port Macquarie
13 January 2010
The Camel truck Port Macquarie Australia Oceania

Port Macquarie is the excellent place to go for a camel ride and the camel safaris on Lighthouse Beach are one of the best around. Not only is the beach beautifully located with almost no tourists around but also the camels are really well trained and will help you to remember this great ride on along the coast.

We went on a ride with Port Macquarie Camel Safaris and met the camels...

Oceania » Australia » Port Macquarie
13 January 2010
The Koala hospital in Port Macquarie Port Macquarie Australia Oceania

A lot of tourists coming to Port Macquerie visit the Koala Hospital to learn more about the koalas, support the good work the volunteers do here and maybe even see one of the baby koala's of the park.

The Koala Hospital does great work and takes cares of koalas hurt during bush fires, road incidents or dog attacks. Walking through the koala park we met several koalas who all have their own seperate space and receive great care. Each koala is known by name and gets special care and treatment and tourists who want to support the koala hospital can even adopt a koala.

At the time...

Oceania » Australia » Cairns
13 January 2010
Great Barrier Reef Island Cairns Australia Oceania

A great way to see something of the Great Barrier Reef is by flying over this amazing area. There are several tours who can arrange a tour like this for you and most flight depart from Cairns General Aviation Airport.

A good tour I can definitely reccomend would be the Marine Life Spotting Flight where you will be able to spot turtles, sharks, dugongs and manta rays from a birds...

Oceania » Australia » Cairns
12 January 2010
Rec Point Lookout Cairns Australia Oceania

Cairns is the great place to start your Australia adventure and this town is just filled with exciting activities and adventure sports like skydiving, bungee jumping and tandem hang gliding.

The perfect place to go tandem hang gliden is at the Rex Point Lookout 40 kms north of Cairns. If you have rented a car its an easy road to drive but it's also possible to use a free shuttle if you've booked with a complany called Airplay Tandem Hang Gliding.

We picked up one of their brochures and decided this was the perfect thing to do considered the fact that we still hadn't rented a car...

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