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Oceania » Australia » Broome
06 November 2010
Broome Australia Broome Australia Oceania

Broome is an amazing town on the north coast of Western Australia and popular with both tourists as locals. Me and my husband live in New South Wales and are born and raised in the city of Sydney.

We love to travel to Broome at least once a year and enjoy the beauty of this part of Australia which is still so raw and authentic.

From Sydney we fly Qantas as the...

Oceania » Australia » Blue Mountains
05 November 2010
Blue Mountains Australia Blue Mountains Australia Oceania

The Blue Mountains are a popular travel destination for tourists coming to Sydney as this beautiful landscape is located just about 50 km from the capital city.

We decided to stay in Sydney first to do some sightseeing and if we had some time left we would have planned a day tour or something like that to the Blue Mountains.

We did have a rental car but my fiance...

Oceania » New Zealand » Napier
02 November 2010
Napier New Zealand Napier New Zealand Oceania

My wife and I love to spend a weekend every now and then on the coast of Napier. Besides a very beautiful city known for its Art Deco architecture, Napier also has somewhat of a sentimental value for us since it was the place where we met eachother for the first time.

Born in Hastings my parents had a second home in Napier, near Hawke's Bay and we spend a lot of holidays and weekends...

Oceania » Australia » Alice Springs
01 November 2010
Alice Springs Australia Alice Springs Australia Oceania

From Ayers Rock we drove down to Alice Springs, the nearest settlement in this area besides the Ayers Rock Resort.

Most people who visit Uluru but don't want to spend the nigh there either drive up there themselves from Alice Springs or join one of the many Ayers Rock tours that leaves Alice Springs every day.

Since we were travelling south in direction of Adelaide...

Oceania » Australia » Uluru
30 October 2010
Uluru Australia Uluru Australia Oceania

Yesterday we went on a tour to Ayers Rock also known as Uluru, the famous rock in the heart of Australia. We flew in from Perth and checked into our Uluru National Park Resort.

There are about five different types of accomodation you can choose from if you want to stay in Ayers Rock and spend the night, which I would recommend because all tours leave pretty early in the morning.

There are also some camping grounds and budget type accomodation sites but I guess those are a bit further away in the resort and can make a trip to the local mall very exhausting considering the burning...

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