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04 February 2010

I have been considering my first trip to Australia and I figured out that Australia’s Northern Territory and Kings Canyon would be the perfect spot : right in the middle of the desert – perfect to test 4WD tours –, location of the so famous Uluru (or Ayers Rock) – major in the Aboriginal culture –, and definitely a place to forget how rainy and grey Western Europe can be, especially London....

Oceania » Australia » Shark Bay
04 February 2010
Panorama at Eagle Bluff, Shark Bay Shark Bay Australia Oceania

Eagle Bluff is a great place to look out over the Shark Bay Heritage area and is home to some amazing wildlife. Eagle Bluff has some great bird life with of course the present eagle and you will be able to see sharks swimming in the clear waters below.

If you're real lucky you might even catch a grazing dugong which is a sea elephant that feeds on the sea grass that grows in Shark...

Oceania » Australia » Kangaroo Island
03 February 2010
The burned bush land Kangaroo Island Australia Oceania

The Snake Lagoon hike is one of those walk every guide book tells you is too good to be true. The area on Kangaroo Island is known for its meandering streams which lead to the ocean and the many coloured wildflowers. If you're lucky you might even spot a platypus in one of the many ponds.

Unfortunately we didnt see any platypuses but I did almost step on a tiger snake while photographing some flowers! And the guide told us the name of the Snake Lagoon had nothing to do with there being any snakes..Luckily for me I got away because this one was poisonous and seemed pretty active.


Oceania » Australia » Adelaide
03 February 2010
Glenelg Moseley Square restaurants  Adelaide Australia Oceania

Adelaide has a great location close to the sea and it's very easy to catch a tram from the city centre to Glenelg Beach if you're looking for a nice day trip. To get to Adelaide Glenelg, Tram Timetables are not even necessary as a tram leaves every 15 minutes and the route between Glenelg Beach and Adelaide West is serviced perfectly.

You can get tram tickets on the tram and don't need to buy them at any 7/11. The tram stop in Glenelg is located on the esplanade so once you hop off you are already on the beach! The esplanade offers also a wide range of restaurants, bars, internet cafes, ice creameries...

Oceania » Australia » Adelaide
03 February 2010
The Adelaide Central Market Adelaide Australia Oceania

A great place to visit in Adelaide is the Adelaide Central Market which is located between Grote St and Gouger St. To get to the location of the Adelaide Central Market you can either get through the Market Arcade coming from Victoria Square or pass through Chinatown and the Market Plaza.

You can also approach the Central Market from either Grote or Gouger St where you will find two entrances of the market. At either sides you will find the Adelaide Central Market Map with all the information you need to find you favourite stands.

The Adelaide Central Market Opening Hours: The...

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