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Oceania » Australia » Yanchep
04 November 2009
Koala in the trees Yanchep Australia Oceania

On our way down the west coast we decided to make a stop at Yanchep, 51 k north of Perth, to visit the Yanchep National Park.

The reason why we wanted to visit the park was because of their colony of protected koala's.

In the park you can walk over a specially made boardwalk along all the trees where you can find the koala's and we even saw two little baby's!

Oceania » Australia » Monkey Mia
15 October 2009
On the Shotover Monkey Mia Australia Oceania

We drove from Coral Bay to Monkey Mia, the famous dolphin resort at 26k from Denham. On our way we also made a stop at Carnarvon where we did some grocery shopping at the IGA supermarket.

Monkey Mia is known for it's wild dolphin feedings every morning from 7.30-9.00 pm and as if they would have a radar with a timer on it exactly around that time the dolphins showed up during our...

Oceania » Australia » Coral Bay
15 October 2009
Reef shark Coral Bay Australia Oceania

We arrived in Coral Bay by car driving south from Exmouth. We decided to drive early because of the road kill risk later in the afternoon. When the sun starts to set the kangaroo's become attracted by the lights of the cars and tend to jump over the road in a way that makes it really hard for you to not hit them. Because of their bad sight the light confuses them and they start to hop everywhere. For example during our nightly bus ride from Broome to Exmouth the driver hit several roo's and also on our way to Coral Bay we saw so many dead kangaroo's that you almost get used to the sight of road kill..


Oceania » Australia » Exmouth
11 October 2009
Kangaroo Bones alongside the road Exmouth Australia Oceania

During our stay in Exmouth we took a tour through the Cape Range NP in the northern tip of the penisula.

The 4wd drive takes you through the national park where emus, kangaroo's, lizards, wild goats and other wildlife can easily be spotted.

We drove through the huge canyon and winded up at the beach of the Ningaloo Marine Park where there was some time for snorkelling...

Oceania » Australia » Exmouth
11 October 2009
Handy map Exmouth Australia Oceania

After a 22 hour bus drive from Broome we arrived in Exmouth were we stayed for 2 days. This is the first spot where we litterally saw the emus and kangaroos walking around town!

We went on a tour through the Cape Range National Park which was spectacular with wildlife jumping about everywhere! We got some great video's but the zoom on the camera just not shows the beauty of it all..

Today we went on a snorkellin trip to the Mariyon Islands...

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