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Oceania » Australia » Byron Bay
17 December 2009
Beautiful restaurant in Byron Bay Byron Bay Australia Oceania

Byron Bay was a great stop for us and the relaxing vibe in this seaside town was just what we needed on our roadtrip.

We headed to Byron Bay after a short stay in Coffs Harbour. Byron Bay is known for its laid back surfers culture and good range of restaurants and bars. It's the typical seaside town where you'd come to relaxe and fuel up for the rest of your trip.

We stayed in a hotel which was pretty central so late at night we could stroll down the restaurants and have a drink in one of the many bars. You'll see a lot of young people having fun and especially in the summer months...

Oceania » Australia » Coffs Harbour
17 December 2009
The Clog Barn in Coffs Harbour Coffs Harbour Australia Oceania

After Port Macquarie our next stop was going to be the surf hot spot of Byron Bay but not without taking a peek at the Big Banana town of Coffs Harbour.

The national symbol of Coffs Harbour is indeed a giant banana parked in front of the official Big Banana souvenir shop where you'll find hundreds of banana toys, post cards, cup holders and things to bring home from your holiday. The Coffs Harbour Big Banana is the symbol of an adjacent lunapark where there are plenty of activities for the young ones, from go kart, to ice skating and swimming pools. Besides getting your picture taken in front of...

Oceania » Australia » Hervey Bay
19 December 2009
Palms rainforest Fraser Island Hervey Bay Australia Oceania

Hervey Bay is the best point to prepare a trip to Fraser Island and a great tour operator is Fraser Island Explorer if you're looking for a good day trip. We picked up their brochure after reading about them in the Lonely Planet and didn't regret booking it. At first we had some doubts about going on a day trip or staying a few days on the island but once we got to Fraser Island we were so happy to have chosen the day trip.

Fraser Island is gorgeous but public transport is completely absent and the only way to get through the island is by a high clearance 4 WD because not only are all the roads...

Oceania » Australia » Sydney
04 December 2009
Sydney Australia Sydney Australia Oceania

We tried to spot some possums pretty much all over Australia and in a few places we even got lucky but had we only knew there was a place called Hyde Park in Sydney City...Never seen so many possums in one place!

We hired a car from Hertz and chatting to the lady working at the counter about the places we should see in Sydney she told us Hyde Park was a great place for possum spotting. Luckily, we stayed in the Marriot which is practily inside Hyde Park so we had a lot of opportunties to spot the possums.

The best time is dusk or dawn but we spotted groups of them, in front of...

Oceania » Australia » Sydney
24 December 2009
Different angles Sydney Opera House Sydney Australia Oceania

If you go to Sydney, you can't go past the Sydney Opera House. People stop in groups at this architectual wonder to admire this world famous building and to get a good picture of the entire structure without getting to many fellow travellers on their lense.

The Opera House is told to be inspired by the shapes of a pealed orange and standing in front of it while the sun was ready...

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