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14 January 2010
Entering Hamilton Beach Harbor Whitsunday Island Australia Oceania

A tour to the Whitsunday Islands is one of the must do things when you're in Queensland, Australia. We stayed in Airlie Beach which is a major jump off point for Whitsunday Island Sailing Cruises, Tours and day trips.

You can choose if you want to take a day trip for example on a catamaran and sail the Whitsunday Islands or if your want to take a ferry and get off wherever you feel...

05 January 2010
Discovery Bay Coastal Park Cape Bridgewater Australia Oceania

If you're driving from Adelaide to Melbourne or the other way around a stopover just before Portland in Cape Bridewater would be a good idea. Not only is this area located in beautiful place but you will also get the chance to get close with the seals here.

At the Discovery Bay National Park in Bridgewater you'll find the highest hill in the state of Victoria and a truly magical...

Oceania » Australia » Sydney
03 January 2010
Cocktail Bar close to the cinema Sydney Australia Oceania

Sydney is definitely a city that never sleeps. Just hit George St, The Rocks or Chinatown and you'll find alleys ans cross roads filled with young people looking for a good time. There are quite some good restaurants in Sydney's CBD and you can change cuisine every other night making your choice out of Italian, Thai, Greek, Japonese, Mexican, Chinese, Indian or simply Od Moz, a little bit of everything.

There are some amazing sushi places around Liverpool St and for the desperate, at least a hand full of Mc Donalds, Hungry Jack's and Red Roosters.

You could spend your evening...

Oceania » Australia » Sydney
30 December 2009
Thai food in Sydney at Thai Express Sydney Australia Oceania

When you´re in Sydney you must try some of the Asian cuisine. Especially the Thai restaurants are of a high culinair standard and are very popular.

A great Thai Restaurant is the Thai Express on 644 George Street in the World Square Shopping Centre. Their menu is modern and refreshing but at the same time their dishes wont lack the traditional Thai ingredients and flavour. The restaurant itself is very classy with modern design. The green curry is really good and so are their starters. Try the spring rolls or the fried shrimps, amazing!

Alcoholic drinks aren´t part of the menu...

Oceania » Australia » Brighton
30 December 2009
Sleepy Koala at Bonorong Wildlife in Brighton Brighton Australia Oceania

The Bonorong Wildlife Park is the closest to Hobart and has a great conservation programme. Twice a day tours depart drom the park's entrance at 11.30 and 2 pm. During these Keepers Tours you can get a great view of the animals kept in the Bonorong Wildlife Park.

The Conservation Centre specialises in wildlife conservation, education and native animal care. The main goal is to protect Tasmania's theatened species like the Tasmanian Devil.

The Bonorong Wildlife Conservation Park is great for children and the guided tours are very educational and fun. They will explain the bioloy...

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