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Oceania » Australia » Sydney
04 December 2009
Sydney Australia Sydney Australia Oceania

One of Sydney's biggest indoor attractions must be the Sydney Aquarium and the place has become an even bigger hit since they introduced their magical dugongs. These creatures also known as sea elephants can be seen in certain parts of Australia where the stronger growth of seaweeds occur like for example in Monkey Mia.

You can do sailing cruises to spot the dugongs in the wild but...

Oceania » Australia » Sydney
02 December 2009
Sydney Australia Sydney Australia Oceania

Chinatown is one of Sydney's best spots for souvenir shopping and people watching. During weekdays, wednesday to sunday, you'll find the Paddy's Markets just at the entrance of the Chinatown walls. This place is amazing and forget about buying your holiday gifts elsewhere because they sell the same stuff, stuffed animals, key chains, ' aboriginal art' , post cards, beach towels and a milion of other Australia items for almost nothing!

Obviously I already got my gifts elsewhere but hey you can't limit a shopping spree:)

If you're in Sydney on weekdays be sure not to skip the Paddy's...

Oceania » Australia » Sydney
29 November 2009
Best Sydney beaches Sydney Australia Oceania

Probably Australia's most famous beach, Bondi beach, is a major draw card for Sydney city and every day loads of turists travel down south east to this surfers paradise,

Bondi beach is easily reached by bus and you can buy your tickets at every 7 eleven around town. Buses 333 and 380 leave Hyde Park, outside the Museum train station, every 15 minutes and it will take you about half...

Oceania » Australia » Sydney
28 November 2009
Sydney Tower on Market St Sydney Australia Oceania

The Sydney Tower in Sydney's CBD is one of the main turistic attractions of the city. The Sydney Tower is 309 metres high and gives you that exceptional birds eye over Australia's largest city. The Sydney Tower is also Australia's second tallest building with the highest construction in Queensland.

The Sydney Tower is accessible from Market St, close to Sydney's Hyde Park.

The entrance fee at the Sydney Tower is 25 AUD per person and this will take you up to the skyboard where you can get a 360 degrees panorama over Sydney. There is also a restaurant and a souvenir shop.


Oceania » Australia » Wollongong
13 January 2010
Wollongong Australia Wollongong Australia Oceania

From Canberra the plan was to head to Sydney with a stopover in Wollongong. Eventhough the hotel we stayed in was picture perfect, the Medina Executive on Market St, we didn't find Wollongong worth the stopover..

The centre is pretty small and the range of nice places to eat or have a drink is very limited. I also found the streets were really shabby and we spotted a lot of weird people that were quite lost..We didn't felt at ease at all walking the streets of Wollongong at night and we surely wouldn't reccomend a stay here if your on your way to Sydney. In the end its only about 90 k away from...

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