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Travel Blogs Oceania

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Travel Blogs Oceania

Oceania » Australia » Adelaide
03 May 2012
Adelaide Australia Adelaide Australia Oceania

If you love sushi and plan on visiting Adelaide the Sushi Train is a place that you will love because you can find it almost everywhere, there is no fancy dress code and they always have a seat on board.

The quality of the sushi is pretty good and everything is prepared by the chefs on the spot so when you're ordering a shrimp tempura you can expect it to be still warm and crunchy :)

The price is convenient and the policy is very clear; you pay by the bowl and the prices depend on the color of the...

Oceania » Australia » Hervey Bay
22 December 2011
Pool Hervey Bay Australia Oceania

It had a great pool, very small walk to a safe swimming beach, the new owners were very helpfull, lovely rooms, every...

Oceania » Australia » Sydney
25 October 2011
Sydney Australia Sydney Australia Oceania

The Sydney Darling Harbour Acquarium is one of the attractions that you have to visit when you're in Sydney as it will show you a completely different standard of zoos and aquariums.

It's not just a great place to visit when you are travelling with kids because me and my boyfriend are both in our twenties and we loved it.

You will be able to see some typical marine...

Oceania » Australia » Leura
01 October 2011

We managed to secure a great rate as we stayed for almost 5 nights due to a work conferences.

The location for the hotel was perfect for us and was easy walking distance to the Golf Course and thye function venue The staff were very helpful and friendly and very informative.

The apartment was well set up for the two of us, a good free internet service and There was a a washer machine/...

Oceania » Palau » Malakal Island
19 September 2011
Malakal Island Palau Malakal Island Palau Oceania

If you're looking to enjoy a unique diving experience the Republic of Palau with its stunning and almost magical islands can be a dream destination.

Together with Gary my best friend since thirty years I had planned a cruise holiday to Malakal Island to experience diving on Palau and enjoy a different holiday away from home.

We arrived on Malakal Island where...

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