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Oceania » Australia » Ayers Rock
30 December 2009
Ayers Rock Airport Shuttle Ayers Rock Australia Oceania

Ayers Rock Resort is the only form of accommodation you'll find close to the Uluru National Park. The Resort has several types of accommodation to choose from which have different rates and facilities.

The Ayers Rock Resort Accommodation Types are listed below:

1 Sails in The Desert Hotel

2 Desert Gardens Hotel

3 Emu Walk Apartments

4 The Lost Camel Hotel

5 Outback Pioneer Hotel & Lodge

6 Resort Coach Campground

7 Ayers Rock Resort Campground

All these accommodation types are part of the same Resort but have different...

Oceania » Australia » Broome
27 December 2009
Dinosaur footprints at Gantheaume Point Broome Australia Oceania

Gantheaume Point, 7 km from Broome's town centre, is one of the most beautiful places. Not only can you walk over these amazing red rocks which tumble in Broome's amazing turquoise waters but the place is also of great historic value.

Broome is the only place on earth where there's still vivid and clear evidence of the presence of dinosaursdating from the prehistorc era. On Gantheaume...

Oceania » Australia » Kalbarri
26 December 2009
Kalbarri Australia Kalbarri Australia Oceania

Kalbarri in Western Australia is a great place to photgraph wildflowers in season when the fields get their amazing colours.

Western Australia is famous for its gorgeous wilflowers and Kalbarri is a great place to enjoy these beautiful flowers. There are more then 10.000 wildflower species and in spring numerous tourists make their way to this part of Australia.

The pink mulla mulla wildflower or the Bright Podolepis wildflower can be spotted from your car while driving through the Kalbarri National Park but the best thing to do is pull over your...

Oceania » Australia » Melbourne
26 December 2009
Attractions at the Melbourne Luna Park Melbourne Australia Oceania

One of Melbourne's nicest areas's must be beach suburb St Kilda. One of its major draw cards is the Melbourne Luna Park. You won't be able to miss it and its on the esplanade.

The big clowns mouth entrance is easy to spot. Inside there are a few nice rides but the St Kilda luna park looks more like a fun day for the little ones. Fortunately there's no entrance fee so you can easily...

Oceania » Australia » Melbourne
11 January 2010
Melbourne markets for fruit and vegies Melbourne Australia Oceania

One of Melbourne's best markets is the Victoria Markets. You can get good fresh fruit and vegetables here but also a lot of souvenirs to bring back home.

The best thing is you can simply hop on the free tourist shuttle to get to the Victoria Markets as the bus stop is in front of the market. You definitely won't be the only one on the free bus so if you prefer having some more space you can always use the public tram which leaves in front of the markets as well.

The Victoria Markets are famous for their fresh fruits and vegetables but do check your wallet before coming here because...

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