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Oceania » Australia » Sydney
27 October 2010
Sydney Australia Sydney Australia Oceania

Sydney is without a doubt the coolest and most beautiful city in the world and out my backpacking adventure in Australia I must say this city impressed me the most.

Australia is filled with gorgeous places and interesting sites to visit but Sydney seems to bring that all together in an exciting, modern and at the same time laid back city that keeps on surprising you.


20 October 2010
Fitzroy Crossing Australia Fitzroy Crossing Australia Oceania

One of the places I absolutely loved in Western Australia is Broome, the perfect base for an relaxing and at the same time adventurous and exciting holiday.

Being not too far away from the Kimberley area there are a great number of tours and day trips you can choose from and one of the tours we did was the Tunnel Creek National Park tour.

We did have a rental car in Broome but it's not advised to head into the Kimberley region on your own or with a vehicle that can't be trusted.

The road conditions can vary from day to day and depend on weather conditions which...

Oceania » Australia » Fraser Island
15 October 2010
Fraser Island Australia Fraser Island Australia Oceania

Fraser Island is a beautiful island on Australia's east coast and definitely a popular backpackers destination. I found out about Fraser Island when I was in Torquay, the surfers capital of Australia and a really laid back town filled with young people from all over the world.

I started hanging out with a group of English guys who were planning a ferry trip to Fraser Island and asked...

Oceania » New Zealand » Rotorua
14 October 2010
Rotorua New Zealand Rotorua New Zealand Oceania

Welcome to part two of our touring New Zealand travel blog. Last time I wrote a blog about Kaikoura, the beautiful town on the east coast of New Zealand's South Island.

This time Rotorua is on as it's the first town we visited on the North Island and it's a place that can't be missed if you wan't to really explore New Zealand.

Rotorua is the heart of the Maori culture and the old New Zealand traditions and customs all lead back here as Rotorua is known as the place where Maori first settled.

Today Rotorua is a very popular travel destination for both New Zealanders...

Oceania » Australia » Hobart
10 October 2010
Hobart Australia Hobart Australia Oceania

Eventhough we had a rental car a great part of Hobart is easily explored by foot, especially around Salamanca Place and the Waterfront Area.

We followed the walking tour designed by Lonely Planet Australia which on a sunny day is a very nice itinerary to walk. There might not be a lot to see but if you like photographing the typical Tasmanian houses and taking a break at the local pastry shop then you'll enjoy your walking tour.

We made a stop at Jackman and McRoss, the local bakery and had some great chocolate muffins. Back at Salamanca Place down along Kellys Steps there are...

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