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23 November 2010
Cape Naturaliste Australia Cape Naturaliste Australia Oceania

One of the most secluded places on the coast of Western Australia is Cape Naturliste which is the northernmost point of the Leeuwin-Naturaliste Ridge and is definitely worth travelling to.

At Cape Naturaliste you'll find the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park with some amazing stretches of beach and not a single tourist around.

Not too far from the park's entrance...

Oceania » Australia » Cervantes
18 November 2010
Cervantes Australia Cervantes Australia Oceania

Here are some pictures of the Pinnacle Desert near Cervantes which we crossed by rental car, a great experience and definitely a tourist attraction in Western Australia you shouldn't miss!

We have just arrived in Perth and driving down the coast of Western Australia we made as many stops on the road to visit cool places like the Pinnacle Desert.

If you're going on a roadtrip like me and my boyfriend did, make sure to fuel up, bring a travel guide and also pack some extra sandwiches and snacks because it can get lonely on the way;)

From Cervantes we drove into...

Oceania » Australia » Adelaide
17 November 2010
Adelaide Australia Adelaide Australia Oceania

Adelaide is one of the bigger cities we visited during our stay in Australia and we stayed here for three days. The hotel was really central and good.

The thing about Adelaide which I really like is that they are food lovers and there are a lot of nice places to eat and indulge if you will go for a walk over town.

Haighs Chocolates is something not to miss and I guess not just Adelaide but Australia as a country is known for Haighs tasty bites. Unfortunately we got to the store when it just closed..

Sushi Train is a great place to eat good sushi without waiting...

Oceania » Australia » Monkey Mia
11 November 2010
Monkey Mia Australia Monkey Mia Australia Oceania

During our holiday in Western Australia my boyfriend and I rented a car in Broome and drove all the way to Perth to explore the beautiful coastal towns and sites of this raw diamond state.

Monkey Mia was one of the first places we visited and it's also one of the more popular travel destinations for its entertaining Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort.

Besides being a great...

Oceania » New Zealand » Coromandel
10 November 2010
Coromandel New Zealand Coromandel New Zealand Oceania

The Coromandel Peninunsula lies in the northern tip of New Zealand and it's the perfect travel destination for nature lovers like selves as the bay views are breathtaking.

Of all the places we visited during our holiday New Zealand this was definitely one of my favourite spots.

We stayed at the Anchor Lodge in Coromandel Town which was a great find with a very...

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