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Europe » Iceland » Skogafoss
01 September 2010
Skogafoss Iceland Skogafoss Iceland Europe

From Vik, the southernmost tip of Iceland we drove east towards Skogar for a day trip to the Skogafoss Waterfall, one of the biggest falls in Iceland and a popular touristic attraction.

Driving along the south coast of Iceland we stopped in a lot of small village where we made day trips and did some sightseeing before driving to the next town.

The choice to drive to the small Icelandic village of Skogar was easy and we were really excited about the Skogafoss Waterfall hike we had planned.

The Skogafoss is world famous for its multiple rainbows on sunny days...

Europe » Guernsey » St Peter Port
31 August 2010
St Peter Port Guernsey St Peter Port Guernsey Europe

The Island of Guernsey is still a British territory eventhough it's not a part of the United Kingdom, a situation that could be compared to the state of Isle of Man which is located in between the UK and Ireland.

Guernsey instead is located more to the south and just a ferry ride away from Saint-Malo in France.

As a result of this position the language spoken on...

Europe » Iceland » Vik
30 August 2010
Vik Iceland Vik Iceland Europe

As soon as I had spotted them in our Iceland Travel Guide I knew what my mission was going to be as soon as we had arrived to Vik, take pictures of puffins!

Puffins, I had never heard of them before and they remind me of a crazy and a creative mixture of a pinguin and a parrot or any other type of exotic bird.

I had read about Vik and its population of puffins...

Europe » Italy » Naples
29 August 2010
Naples Italy Naples Italy Europe

This June I went to Naples with some friends to spend a weekend somewhere else. We drove south from Rome untill we reached Naples which in the end is just a 2 and a half hour ride away.

The weird thing is that I have lived in Rome my whole life and had never been to Naples!

Of course it might not be the safest place in the world for tourists, or well actually...

28 August 2010
Skaftafell National Park Iceland Skaftafell National Park Iceland Europe

From Jökulsárlón we started driving west to eventually reach the Skaftafell National Park which is located just a 40 minute car ride away.

The Skaftafell National Park is known for its amazing hikes and gletsjer tours which can be done in a day trip our cover several days.

A very popular tour through the Skaftafell National Park would be the Glacier Grand Slam...

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