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Europe » Spain » Barcelona
02 November 2010
Barcelona Spain Barcelona Spain Europe

Barcelona is one of the world's most visited cities and the combination of the having the beach nearby, being able to enjoy a long summer and having tons of places to go and visit explains why.

This August me and my friends flew to Barcelona for a 5 days holiday in the city and another week in Lloret de Mar.

Both places are really nice and we had a lot of fun the entire holiday. While Lloret de Mar has the beach and the relaxing vibe Barcelona is the perfect place to go sightseeing.

After a day of shopping and gazing at the street artists we headed to Park Guell...

Europe » France » Paris
01 November 2010
Paris France Paris France Europe

To surprise my two little girls me and my husband decided to go on a trip to Disney World Paris. This year they had some difficulties at school and we thought a short holiday would really cheer them up.

Besides the fact that Paris of course is a beautiful city our trip to Disney World was a lot of fun. We had good weather and were lucky enough to be there in time for all the Halloween parades and festivities.

The life size dolls were really well made and our daughters wanted to get a picture with every single one of them from Cinderella to Buzz Lightyear, they loved them all.


29 October 2010
Scheveningen Netherlands Scheveningen Netherlands Europe

From The Hague we drove to the seaside resort of Scheveningen on the west coast of Holland. Scheveningen can be reached by car or public transport from The Hague where trams leave the main station, there is no seperate train station.

When we arrived in Scheveningen, mid October, it was kind of chilly but the weather was amazing and we had a lot of sunshine.


Europe » Netherlands » The Hague
28 October 2010
The Hague Netherlands The Hague Netherlands Europe

Two weeks ago me and my boyfriend spent a weekend in The Hague with friends and stayed at the NH Hotel which we found on a hot hotel deal through the internet.

We had never been to The Hague and we really liked it. We had a weekend of great weather, the hotel was very nice and we even made a trip to Scheveningen, the nearby getaway destination on the beach.


Europe » Italy » Venice
27 October 2010
Venice Italy Venice Italy Europe

My and my husband have been on a holiday to Venice, Italy and stayed there for week to enjoy the world's most romantic city.

Being from Las Vegas, the only Venice we had ever seen would be the Venetian Resort which has a life size replica of the city built in it's hotel lobby.

Of course you won't find the whole city of Venice inside the resort but you can actually...

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