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Europe » United Kingdom » London
21 February 2010
English street panorama in London London United Kingdom Europe

London is big city which attracts a lot of tourists every day. The streets of London are always busy and there is enough to see and to do.

The city itself is really clean, organized and serviced by a good transport network. The people are also friendly and willing to help you on your way to one of the many popular attractions.

We visited the Madame Tussauds in...

Europe » Romania » Bucharest
20 February 2010
Park Herastrau Enyrance in Bucharest Bucharest Romania Europe

Bucarest is a very modern city with a lot of interesting places to visit like Herastrau Park, Unirii Square and the city centre in general. Herastrau Park is the biggest park in Bucarest and really beautiful. Another nice area to visit would be the smaller Cismigiu Park which isn't located far from the centre.

Other touristic attractions include president Ceaucescu's old Parliament...

Europe » Croatia » Murter
18 February 2010
Murter Croatia Murter Croatia Europe

In july of 2005 I went on a motor trip to Croazia and it really was one of the best trips I've ever made. My journey started in Rome, my home town. From Rome I drove to the port of Ancona on a short coast to coast trip.

After boarding the beautiful SNAV catamaran in Ancona it took me three hours to reach Croazia where I arrived in the city of Zara.

From here I...

Europe » Portugal » Albufeira
17 February 2010
Photos of Albufeira in Portugal Albufeira Portugal Europe

If there is one thing that I can say about my trip to Albufeira in Portugal it would be that you really have to earn your way to this little paradise! Flying from Rome the connection with Albufeire is horrible and travelling to Portugal is always very stressful.

Consider the fact that you would have exactly four minutes to get from the arrival gate in Lissabon, where the flight makes...

Europe » France » Paris
17 February 2010
Me as a real Parigienne! Paris France Europe

They say that Paris is the city of love and romance because of its enchaunting historic centre and refined taste. A visit to this beautiful city will convince you rightaway and make you one of its many admirers!

My six days in Paris weren't enough to see everything I wanted to see because for somebody as passionate about architecture and art like me there is so much to see and so many places to visit.

I tried to fit as many attractions, monuments and art works into our six day itinerary and I must say that, thanks to Paris' great public transport network, I managed to see a lot...

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