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Europe » Greece » Crete
16 February 2010
Surfing in Creta, Greece Crete Greece Europe

From 2001 to 2004 I worked on the Greek island of Crete and I can say that living on this beautiful island for three years has been the experience of a lifetime!

When I arrived in Greece I hardly knew anybody which made it easier for me to go out and explore the Greek culture by myself. This has been a really good and unique experience for me.

The three years...

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague
15 February 2010
St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague Prague Czech Republic Europe

In 2005 I went on a trip to Prague. My school had everything arranged and the trip didn't cost that much. In total we stayed ten days in Prague which was enough to see the main attractions.

We had so much fun and besides hanging out with my friends I think this city has a lot to offer and it would definitely recommend it to other travellers.

You could easily go...

Europe » Poland » Cracow
14 February 2010
Friendship of the Peoples Fountain Cracow Poland Europe

An amazing road trip through eastern Europe to the final travel destination of Russia. I decided to take off by myself and drive through the countries of the Czech Repunlic, Poland, Lithuania, Lettonia and Russia.

For me Poland and Russia were the most fascinating countries but I wouldn't have anything negative to say about the other destinations either. I would recommend taking...

Europe » Montenegro » Podgorica
13 February 2010
Podgorica Montenegro Podgorica Montenegro Europe

Montenegro is part of The Balkans, a region in the southeastern part of Europe which is also occupied by Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia.

Montenegro has known little development and you will be able to walk through immense landscapes without coming across a single soul. The people are very warm and welcoming. I stayed in a...

Europe » Spain » Minorca Island
13 February 2010
Balearic Island of Minorca Minorca Island Spain Europe

Minorca is one of the Balearic islands and a beautiful place to go on a holiday. Minorca is known for its beautiful landscapes and crystal clear waters where you will be able to walk along the endless beaches without being bothered by a touristic crowd.

Tourism is the most important business sector on this island and most people living on Minorca depend on the visitors that come...

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