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Europe » Germany » Berlin
22 March 2010
German beer at the Hause der 100 Beer, Berlin. Berlin Germany Europe

For my 30th birthday I decided to treat myself to a short getaway and booked a trip to Berlin where I celebrated with some of my best friends.

In total we stayed in Berlin for four days, a short holiday but a lot of fun!

The flight to Germany costed about 50 Euro's and four night at the Generator Hostel only 80 Euro's. To top that you can get some of the best beer at the Hause der 100 Beer dor less than 3 Euro's.

Berlin can definitely seem a cold place but when you start looking in all the different streets and angles you will find a whole different world...

Europe » United Kingdom » London
20 March 2010
Busy streets of London. London United Kingdom Europe

London is the most amazing city there is and whenever you're there you'll always find something interesting to see or do.

There is something magica about London, something I've never experienced in other cities and I just feel very at ease when I'm there.

You hear a lot of negative things about the English but honestly I never had any problems and I think they're...

Europe » Hungary » Budapest
20 March 2010
Looking out over Budapest, Hungary. Budapest Hungary Europe

With a group of my friends we decided to make a trip to Budapest, Hungary.

We stayed for about 6 days which was just enough to do some sightseeing but eventough we didn't stay for a long period we did have a great time.

It was great to be away from a while and just relax instead of spend a normal weeks at work or studying for exams.


Europe » Spain » Poblet Monastery
19 March 2010
Photos inside the Poblet Monastery. Poblet Monastery Spain Europe

Monestir de Poblet is located in the heart of Catalonia at about a hundred chilometers from Barcelona.

The Cisterian monastery is considered a UNESCO patrimony and of great importance for the county of Conca de Barberà which attracts numerous tourists and visitors every year.

The ticket you have to buy to visit the monastery will cost you a few dollars and even...

Europe » Greece » Crete
16 March 2010
Pictures of the typical Greek boats on the island of Crete. Crete Greece Europe

In October of 2005 I travelled to the Greek island of Crete together with some of my friends and colleagues.

Crete must be the perfect place if you're looking for a relaxing holiday. There is plenty of natural beauty to admire and at night you will find enough entertainment as well. The people are really laid back and very friendly.

You will find some stunning...

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