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Europe » Italy » Siena
09 February 2011
Siena Italy Siena Italy Europe

In October I went to Siena on a fieldtrip with my classmates and we had a lot of fun there.

It was a shame we went there after the palio because witnessing this traditional feast would have made our stay in Siena even better.

We had ok weather but a bit chilly so I would love to return to Siena in springtime or even summer.

One of the highlights..I...

Europe » France » Briançon
07 February 2011
Briançon France Briançon France Europe

Briançon Ski Holiday, 6 friends in a fiat panda all the way from Belgium to Provence, the best piece of France!

We had this crazy idea to go skiing in the Hautes Alpes, in the French Alpes, a popular winter holiday destination in southeastern France and for a couples of young guys looking for a fun week away from home, paradise:)

After a long trip.........we...

Europe » Italy » Florence
26 January 2011
Florence Italy Florence Italy Europe

Me and my friends celebrated this New Years Eve in Florence at a club called the Yab. The club wasn't to big but quite fancy and they had arranged for a really nice programme.

The evening started around 9pm with a dinner inside the club, and tables were set up on the dancefloor. There were several courses and the food was good.

We had different types of pasta,...

Europe » Italy » Naples
25 January 2011
Naples Italy Naples Italy Europe

The Spanish Quarters of Naples are considered a no go area for tourists and in general not a safe neighbourhood to walk around in wheather you're from there or not..

But like with all forbidden fruits you can't visit Naples without taking a bite and at least get that one picture to show and prove to people that you were there!

If this sounds like you, or me, than at least make sure you stick with a few basic rules.

Don't wander around at night in the Spanish Quarter as it really is what they will tell you, dangerous. During the day make sure you know a bit...

Europe » Italy » Naples
25 January 2011
Naples Italy Naples Italy Europe

One of the best tours you can do in the historic center of Naples Italy is to visit Naples underground, also known as Napoli Sotterranea.

This excursion will take you below the streets of Naples to wander through the city's underground system where an important part of Naples history lies.

Not only was a part of historic Naples built on top of a Roman theatre from which you can still see parts today but this hidden part of the city was the home of many italian refugees during WWII when Naples was bombed and left in great poverty.

The private tour or group excursion,...

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